Monday, December 24, 2012

Mexico - Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

Zomg it is Christmas Eve!! Weeeeeee!! ANYWAYS I was so sad the day I heard the news about District Dining closing up, especially because I hadn't had the time to try it. SIGH... but that wasn't all the news. It wasn't as bad after all when I found out District Dining was going to be replaced by a Mexican restaurant. So eventually when the day came for its doors to opened, I did not wait another minute and rushed to check Mexico Food and Liquor ASAP. In a way, it was to make up for missing out on District Dining and the only way to make up for it is to eat ALL the tacos. 

Top: Pibil rubbed pork w black beans soft shell taco - $6
Bottom left: Pan fried fish soft shell taco - $6
Bottom Right: Wild mushroom soft shell taco - $6

It isn't Mexican without tabasco
I had high expectations about their tacos. I mean it is a Mexican restaurant after all, if you can't do taco's then there is something seriously wrong. I used to be a fan of hard shell tacos but recently I had changed teams. One to two bites in that taco annnndd I must say they were pretty good. The mushrooms were so juicy, the pinenuts gave it a good contrast in texture and there was so much sauce, possibly a bit too much because it wouldn't stop dripping. Pretty good combo I'd thought. 

Quesadillas - Achiote chicken - $12
The quesadillas had a generous serving of chicken but I thought it tasted pretty ordinary. It lacked flavour and salt but the salsa though does help it bring it back to life a little.

MEXICO’s fried chicken - $12
Chipotle lime ceviche - $14
The fried chicken was ordinary as well but sorry Mexico, I believe the Koreans have still won the war of the mighty fried chicken. The ceviche was refreshing and the sauce had a nice tangy taste which was exactly what I needed on a sweltering hot day. The ceviche was probably my favourite of the day.

Mexico appears to be a pretty cool place to hang but I think I am yet to find my favourite Mexican restaurant in Sydney. I would love to compare it to El Loco but sadly I cannot because I still have not been. Yes.. can you believe it!?!? The day shall come.. the day shall come *repeats to self*. Do you guys have a Mexican favourite? Would love to hear where you guys recommend!

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. I love Mexican food! This all looks super yummy! My fave Mexican places are Izote Mexican in Newtown and I also like Manly Mexican (although I've only been once..). So much Mexican goodness to try!

  2. I remember years ago when I was sad about the lack of Mexican food in Sydney after coming back from USA. Now there's so many to check out! I really want to try Dos Senoritas and Mexicano but they are too far for me. My favourites have been El Loco, Flying Fajita Sistas (haven't been there in a long time though) and the Al-Carbon Tacos food truck.

  3. $6 for a tacos.... ughh... why do I feel ripped off? But I will still check it out.

  4. I'm excited to try this place but I've heard the food is a bit under seasoned too. Shall wait until they've been around a bit longer...I want to try the fried chook (but I really should try Korean Fried Chook shouldn't I...)?

  5. Korean Fried Chicken seems to beat every other fried chicken in the world.

  6. Dear Shan Shan,

    I'm not a fan of Mexican food and I doubt it will become one of the mainstream cuisines in the culinary world.

    If I have to choose a favourite Mexican, it would most definitely be Salma Hayek.

  7. Never too late to send New Year wishes. Nice post.

  8. After my very ordinary Mexican food experience at Beach Burrito Co in Newtown I'm wondering what this place is like. They've gone all out in trying to create a faux Mexican vibe but we'll see how the food matches up to the real deal. I just may have to give it a go.

  9. Thanks for this post! I was wondering what it was like there. I've heard the NZ branch s quite successful :) happy new years eve for tomorrow! I hope 2013 is a great one for you!

  10. looks like a lot of food for one there. you must have had some awesome company that day?

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  13. Mexico is a great casual place to hit up a good feed with a bunch of friends with some very attractive sounding cocktails. I imagine the scene would be much more buzzing in the evening, especially during after work hours and dinner service.