Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Shanghai's pork and cider dinner

Howdy all! I hope everyone have been well. Apologies for my recent blogging absence as I have been busy flying in and out of Sydney recently. More of that gossip will come very shortly but for today we have on the menu, a date with... *drum rolls* Mr. Piggy and his bad ass cider friends at New Shanghai. I welcome you to the pork and cider dinner.

Course number 3
Left: Apple Thief pink lady cider
Right: Pan fried dumpling set - pan fried pork bun, pan fried dumpling and shallot pancake
Lets be honest here people, most of us are probably guilty of having a continuous inkling for alcohol but for me in particular, my body goes weak at the knees every time I see a chilled cider (especially in summer). I heart cider, full stop. It's probably because I can barely taste the alcohol in it, it has a nice fruity taste and it is no where near as nasty as some of the strong spirits out there (yes go laugh, I am a light weight)!

New Shanghai is now combing two strong loves: pork and cider over a 7 course meal plus matching wines for $65 per head. I know that 7 courses plus matching ciders might not appear to be filling, that's what I thought at the very beginning but trust me, I was fooled. I was so full by the end of it, I could have passed out.

Course number 1
Left: Fog city cloudy apple
Right: Sweet and sour pork rib in dark vinegar sauce
Course number 2
Steamed dumpling basket - Xiao long bao, crab meat Xiao long bao and vegetarian dumpling
When these dishes came rolling out, I ate ALL the dumprings. The fog city cloudy apple wasn't as sweet as the apple thief and like the name, it didn't have a clean cut distinct apple flavour. In saying that,  the cloudiness of the drink helped balanced out the strong sweet and sour flavours of the pork. 

The pink lady apple by apple thief was a good match for the steamed and pan fried dumplings, especially because the cider was much sweeter than the first. The apple thief was probably one of my favourite ciders of the night because it wasn't overly sweet and yet so refreshing. It makes me want to get up, pack my things and head to the beach where I can bask under the sun with one of their icy chilled drinks. 

Course number 4
Left: Montieth's pear cider
Right: steamed meatball with crab meat
Course number 5
Left: Ecusson Rose cider
Right: stewed pork belly sandwiched in steamed bun
The soup with the meatball and crab meat was sooo comforting. It was so warm and hearty and was probably my favourite dish of the night, I would come back just for that soup. The sweetness from the pear cider went well with the juices from the meatball, especially as pear is less acidic than apple.

The Ecusson rose cider was sweeter than most of the ciders so for me, that was nice. Although I generally have a savoury tooth but when it comes to drinks, sweet drinks are always a winner for me.

Course number 6
Left: Small Acres Cider, medium sweet
Right: Pork belly braised overnight in sweet soy sauce

Top: Rekorderlig Strawberry-lime
Bottom: Fresh mango pudding
Finally it came to 'dessert'. The small acres cider was also my top favourite. I warn you though, it is super duper sweet. It is the sweetest cider I have ever had and I loved every single drop of it. Sadly though, the braised pork belly was overly sweet for me to handle. By this stage, I struggled tackle the sweetness from the pork, let alone for my stomach to digest.

Annddd lucky last came to the mango pudding. When it arrived, my stomach smashed right into it. I needed something refreshing, I needed it then and there. It was sooo good, perhaps it tasted better because I was in the moment of things but it is pretty difficult to get a real mango pudding wrong. The Rekorderlig with the mint leaves were also refreshing but I do find with Rekorderlig, I struggle to find the right balance between the sweetness and the fruitiness.

Nevertheless, it was a satisfying meal and I walked out extremely full. For $65, it is worth giving Mr. Piggy and his bad ass cider friends a go.

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Food is our religion attended as a guest of Wasamedia and New Shanghai.

Gotta go eat!!


  1. who is the bad ass cider friend haha
    oh that star shape pan fried dumpling looks really cute.Quite like this 7 course meal plus matching wines idea, the food looks diff from the normal menu.

    1. Hi Wendy, I agree! Was surprised at how well some of the ciders went with the dishes!

  2. OMG! I want them pork buns and pork belly! Been wanting to go here for ages. Also want to try their popular XLB.

    1. Hi Raff - When you visit, the XLB is a must have! It is one of the things I crave!

  3. What a fun theme! Those soft folded over buns are the best-I could eat one now! :D

    1. Hi Lorraine - Yes! Ever since I tried the ones at momofuku, I have been obsessed in trying them everywhere I visit!

  4. I would have been in heaven after this epic meal.

    1. Hi Tina - omg.. I was in food coma heaven after that!

  5. how cute is that star-shaped shallot pancake! I love cider too, the sweeter the better I reckon!

  6. Aww the star shaped pancake is adorable! The mango pud at the end would have been the perfect light dessert to balance out that meal!

    1. Hi Christine - I was struggling to eat the star because it was just so cute!