Monday, January 28, 2013

Brunching in Melbourne

Melbourne seems to be a city that is full of brunch spots. There are endless amounts of brunch spots along every street that forms Melboure's square city and there are just as many tucked away in the tiny quiet streets. Though the hard question is, which one do you choose? 

Baked eggs with chorizo and toast
This was my first time proper time to Melbourne where I was able to explore the city properly so I had to be a 'tourist' and visit Hardware Societe to check out what the deal was all about. What is it about this place that makes it so amazing to attract a lot of tourists from all over the nation to travel to this little cafe? 

Egg omelette
Toasted sandwich with chorizos?
My pot of baked eggs was filled with so many eggs, I swear there must of been three to four eggs in that post. That's more than a weekly intake of eggs... whoops. The eggs were still runny so you could dip the bread into the pot and with the spicy kick from the chorizos it was enough to make you hum 'mmmmmm'. 

After trying the baked eggs and parts of the egg omelette, I felt like I had eaten three and a half farm's worth of eggs. That is one of the reasons why I keep deferring my blood test. Towards the end, I was extremely full and I still had some baked eggs left plus some bread. Both of the remains on the board were staring at me and calling out out to me. I knew the bread would push me over the edge but they were freshly baked so how could I have said no. In the end, I forced myself to demolish both and that my friends is how I ended up OD-ing on food. 

Two birds and one stone 
After some digestion, I found myself at Two Birds and One Stone as you would. Thank you Daisy from Never Too Sweet for helping me discover my favourite brunch spot in South Yarra. 

Forrest filled with berries and ice cream
As soon as I stepped into Two Birds One Stone, I noticed the high bench tops, smooth wooden tables and chairs, a soft aroma of coffee, people sipping on coffee as they check the daily news and a really chilled atmosphere. I felt like I had rolled out of bed after a long snooze and stepped into the kitchen, the only things missing were my Peter Alexanders and a pair of house slippers. Good afternoon to you too South Yarra. 

Black Angus Steak sandwich
Lamb Baguette
How gorgeous is that garden of berries? It was probably the prettiest dish I have ever seen at a cafe and  how does one deconstruct, let alone eat such a pretty dish *cries in pain*. The sweet and sourness of the berries might sound plain and boring when you are back at home but after eating out continuously for days on end, it is just the perfect thing to freshen up the body and taste buds. 

The servings of the sandwich and baguette were ginormous. Although you might not be able to tell in the pictures, they were extremely filling. The juices from the steak and bacon along side with the beetroot chutney accompanied the crunchiness of the toast like as if they were a match made in heaven. So with a ginormous sandwich in one hand, a coffee in another, sitting at the bench tops and just chillaxing with my girls, you can imagine how incredibly happy I was. 

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. yum! i love hardware societe's baked eggs! i can't wait to try out two birds one stone next week when im travelling down to melb!

  2. oh those berries are so pretty! and I love Hardware Societe - a must-visit every time I go to Melbs

  3. I loved my visit to The Hardware Societe. That South Yarra cafe looks great too, will give it a shot next time I'm in Melbourne.

  4. We're in Melbourne for a long weekend soon and I'm hoping to get back to hardware societe...I've not had their baked eggs yet but I will be! It's such a great little cafe...

  5. Melbourne food is the BEST food!