Sunday, January 13, 2013

Degraves Street, Melbourne

Oh haiz guys! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. It has been a while since I have a weekend all to myself and I am loving it. So a little while back I did a bit of traveling to help cure my cabin fever. Don't get me wrong, I love Sydney but once it starts to hit the 9 to 12 month mark of being in Sydney, I start to go a little cray cray. About a month or so ago, I flew down to Melbourne where all I did was ate, drank, shopped, slept, ate, drank, shopped and slept. It was like Hong Kong on repeat all over again.

One stop shop for all your Baguettes, literally!
For all those that know about my OD story in Malaysia and are wondering if I did OD on food or not in Melbourne, the answer is no. At least not to the point where I ended up at a 24 hour emergency clinic and popped 6 large pills a day. Although I did eat so much to the point where I could not even fit in Cumulus Inc on the last day *cries*. I was so full from constantly eating and drinking that it got to the point where I simply could not fit much more in. At least I made the most of my trip right? lol
Degraves Street Lane way in Melbourne
With thanks to Ms Wendy Ko I discovered Degraves Street Lane way and that was when I discovered my happy place. All the cafes lined up right next to each other and it felt so chilled, absolutely loved it. There were so many cafes throughout the lane way. I wanted to stop at every cafe and eat ALL the food. 

I was in Melbourne for only three days but I do believe that I did my fair share of eating at the cafes along Degraves Street during those 72 hours. 

The Soup Place - Degraves Street Lane way
I miss Melbourne but I miss this soup place even more. The Soup Place served the best soup I have ever had. Perhaps it was the timing of everything because by that stage, I was sick of eggs (yes, you read right) and sick of eating (pigs are flying). It was cold, I was tired and the soup that day hit all the spots there are in a human body. 

If there was any place I would recommend out of all the places I visited in Melbourne, it would definitely have to be The Soup Place by far. The soup was hearty, there was a good amount of salt, flavours and vegetables/meat. If anyone that is reading this and is from Melbourne - if you are ever flying to Sydney for a visit, please please please please please please please bring me an extra large bowl of their soup. I will pay you and love you so so much.

Middle Eastern Meatballs with Turkish bread - Degraves Street Lane way
Poached egg on toast - Degraves Street Lane way
How perfect is that poached egg!
Vegetarian breakfast - Degraves Street Lane way
Unfortunately I don't recall the name of this cafe but it is right next door to the Soup Place. This cafe gets the soup in their soup dishes from the Soup Place. No wonder the Middle Eastern Meatballs dish  tasted so good.

Muesli with fruit and yoghurt - Cafe Adriamo
Last breakfast at Degraves Lane - Cafe Adriamo
With thanks to Never Too Sweet for sharing her foodie insight of Melbourne with me, I found myself at Cafe Andiamo. With all that constant eating, I was enormously full on the last day. I could barely digest breakfast let alone the New York Cheesecakes but peeps if you do visit this place, get the cheesecake as it is the cafe's winning dish. 

In saying that though, the pesto toast from Cafe Andiamo was pretty good! You could taste the Parmesan and there was a good crunch coming from the pine nuts. The spread of pesto was generous unlike some places that give you a thin and skimpy layer over the toast. I was so tempted to get another slice of pesto toast but I thought twice about how full I was and resisted with all my will power.

Belgian Waffle - Degraves Lane
So if by the time you have eaten your way through Degraves Street and you still have some room in your stomach, dessert is available at the Belgian Waffle stand. Sadly there was no way on earth I was able to try because my stomach felt like it was going to explode any minute. Has anyone tried this place? I need to add this onto the 'to eat' list for round 2 of Melbourne.

As popular as Degraves Street is, I had some struggle trying to find it. Googles Map on my phone just couldn't detect it for some reason. So if you do get lost and can't find it, here is a print screen of the map to help!

The Soup Place on Urbanspoon Café Andiamo on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!!


  1. im going to be in melb for 3 days next month too! cant wait for my own food adventure too!

  2. I miss this little lane. It is pretty cute. I do enjoy sitting at Rosa and look out of the window to this street.

  3. Love Melbourne!! Degraves is such a cool spot

  4. This is my all time favourite laneway in reminds me of being in Barcelona.

  5. Nice shots. Love all the colours and vibrancy in this laneway!

  6. I almost had lunch at The Soup Place but went to Chin Chin instead. Next time!

  7. Wow that laneway looks amaazing and I need to go to that Soup Place! why don't we have anything like that here ='(

  8. I always have to visit Degraves when I'm in Melbourne - love the vibe there and I wish we had something like that in Sydney!

  9. Oh wow I've never heard of the soup place but that's a big rec from you! Will keep it in mind for a Melbourne trip during winter! :D

  10. Dear Shan Shan,

    Degraves lane does look like a beautiful melting pot of deliciousness but food aside, I would really like to see what you are like when you are a little cray cray?

    I love Melbourne too but I think Sydneysiders have that incredible option to hop into a car and drive to so many awesome resorts / retreats that one can get totally lost in paradise - north coast, south coast, Hunter, southern highlands, Orange / central west etc. The food in many of these places is truly admirable - fresh local produce cooked with honesty and lots of love and wholesomeness.

  11. Haven't visited Degraves yet, another on 'the' list. Love Melbourne's lane ways, wish the ones in Sydney had been preserved and not taken out by development.

  12. I always go past this place in Melb and I have never managed to try it! People slurping at their soup bowls are always hustling me to try it.

    Wish Sydney had a place just like this but I def need to give this place a go!
    Same goes for me re: waffles never EVER have room for them!