Sunday, January 6, 2013

El Loco - Pop up at the house, Sydney

Happy new year everyone!! I hope all you guys had a splendid NYE and started off the year with an awesome new year's day! To start off the year, the annual Sydney Festival is now on! That also means it is time to say hello to the gigantic yellow rubber duckie floating on Darling Harbour. Also on is the pop up El Loco restaurant at the house from 4 to 28 January 2013 (it is so weird to type out '2-0-1-3'...). 

Sitting right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in the middle of summer with mother nature's rays shining down, a cider in one hand and food in another.. ahhhh it was such a blissful moment. This is just another reason why I am so proud to call Sydney my home <3! 

View from the pop up El Loco Restaurant
Another view from the Pop up restaurant
Mother nature was certainly showing off the afternoon I visited the pop up restaurant and I was loving it! The atmosphere made me feel like I was on holidays on some Island resort and if it wasn't for the bridge next to me, I would have forgotten I was Sydney. It was the cure to my cabin fever.

Nachos with salsa and guacamole - $8
Hot dogs - $10
Nacos - $6
Left: Chorizo taco - $6
Right: Chicken and corn taco - $6
As I said in my last Mexican post, I still hadn't tried El Loco and its been yonks since it opened. I can finally tick that box off now. The food was good and I can see why people love it but I was struggling to find the food wowzers. Maybe because I have been dying to go here for so long it may have been overhyped? Pricing for some of their dishes were a bit steep, especially the tacos but I didn't mind paying 1 or 2 dollars more for the view. The hot dogs were filling given that they were $10 but I prefer the ones from Harry's Cafe de Wheels a lot more. 

Would definitely be back for the atmosphere while this pop up restaurant is still there, they even have a mini sand pit for kiddies and adult kids. *squeal*

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Yum yum yum, Mexican again eh :) I'm actually planning to come here soon with a special guest as part of my food tour, and mannn do those tacos look good!

  2. Wow this pop-up looks great - not to mention the awesome view! I do love the El Loco hotdogs and the guacamole is amazing too

  3. Such a shame you didn't find their food "wowzers". I love their Hotdog though and still my favourite hotdog in Sydney. At least you enjoyed the view :)

  4. Dear Shan Shan,

    I agree with you about eating this kind of food at the Opera House coz there's no real cooking skills and making wowser nachos and hot dogs at home is not exactly rocket science.

  5. oh i love their hotdogs! love the cheesiness and mayo :) lol though i always pick out the jalapeno haha. mmm and their guac is amaze! such a fab view

  6. The El Loco hot dogs are one of my faves in Sydney, just love them! Really is a great possie for a pop up restaurant of any kind, killer location!

  7. Perfect view, great food, sydney weather: sounds to perfect to be true

  8. What a killer view for such a lovely afternoon/evening!! Such a shame you didn't think the food was all that, I find El Loco to be one of my favourite mexican places. Their hot dogs are out of this world, esp with all that cheese!

  9. Ooh hot dogs! With a beautiful view. What more could you want?

  10. Happy New Year Shanshan! Awesome view and that Mexican looks good! Pop up restaurants are super cute heehee :D

  11. Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is a really wonderful year for you! :D

  12. *squeal* LOL
    I agree the food wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Although I did enjoy the dogs!