Sunday, February 17, 2013

Banjo Patterson Cottage Restaurant, Gladesville

As soon as you step out of the car, you will instantly notice how peaceful the surroundings are with a few birds chirping away. The sun is about to set but you can still feel the glorious rays shining upon your face. The busyness of Victoria Road suddenly feels like it is kilometers far far away. Once you go through the cottage entrance, take the left and soon you will be left standing in a garden on a small hill where you can overlook Glass Bay and the rooftops of the neighboring suburbs. It felt so beautiful. Tranquility. 

View of the Banjo Patterson Cottage
Inside the cottage
Unfortunately my photos don't do any justice to the beauty of cottage but man, I hope you can imagine exactly how pretty it was. The crowd at Banjo Patterson were of an older crowd but the beautiful scenery made up for it. If you visiting place with as just a couple, I recommend you book earlier. The place doesn't cater for many and the best seat in the house is the table of two located right in the corner where both of the guests each get a window to themselves. Best view ever.

Soup of the day - spanner cab - $16.00
This was one of the fanciest soups I have had in a while. Loved how everything was presented, especially how the soup was poured right in front of you. The sad bit was seeing the pretty egg getting drowned in all that soup but the runny egg yolk totally made up for it.

Seafood Basket  - $48.00
Seared kangaroo lion - $38.00
How pretty is that seafood basket?? I didn't want to eat it because I didn't want to destroy the beautiful arrangement. My initial impressions were that it looked quite small especially when the pricing was a bit steep but there is quite a bit of seafood in there. Beneath the stash of prawns was a river of seafood. The grilled Whiting was cooked perfectly and you could taste all the juice in the meat. The pawns, scampi and octopus had a bit of barbecued flavours but it didn't dominate the taste of the seafood. Mmmmmm I can imagine myself devouring all that seafood all over again.

Hazelnut Nougat Ice cream terrine - $16.80
Last but not least was the dessert. This was bloody-licious. Far out, the hazelnut ice cream just exploded in your mouth, especially when you scraped it along the raspberry coulis. Bits of sweetness from the hazelnut and the raspberries along with the cold smoothy texture of the ice cream itself were seriously unbelievable. The crunchiness of the hazelnut on the outside of the terrine gave the dessert more texture and for me, it just tasted even sexier. Absolutely winner.

Banjo Patterson Cottage is absolutely a hidden gem. Although the prices may be a bit steep, it certainly has some bloody-licious and sexy-licious dishes.

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Hazelnut flavoured desserts are the bomb! And that spanner crab soup looks so creamily good.

  2. So beautiful! I'm with you on your initial thoughts on the price versus quantity with the seafood basket.

  3. Glad to know that we're getting more nice food joints out in the burbs! OMG that hazelnut nougat ice cream terrine!

  4. that soup is fancy! i would be sad seeing the egg get drowned too!

  5. That looks lovely and I think the sort of place that my parents might like too! LOL at bloodylicious and sexylicious :P

  6. Such a pretty seafood basket. Quality versus quantity every time for me.

  7. This place is beautiful, I love the decor and the fact that it's in a cottage, what a great idea to start a restaurant in one. Food looks excellent as well!

  8. LOL! What a great story! I have driven past here before but never thought to try it.

    The food does look very special! I can almost imagine the aroma of the soup as it was poured!
    YUM! Great story :)

  9. I probably can live forever in that lovely cottage. and I love the new blog's design (probably a bit too late to say this, though)! :)

  10. I've been curious about this restaurant for a long time. Glad to read such a fine review about it. Looking forward to going there one day! Looks great!