Sunday, February 24, 2013

CQL Mini Hotpot, Burwood

Time and time again, you would have read about how much I heart potato but another thing I heart just as much is hot pot. I love the concept of having everyone together, cooking, eating, drinking and chit chatting at the same dinner table for hours on end. At the end of the night, you would feel beyond bloated and at times, in pain, because that is how full you are. Regardless of how you feel, the best part is that you can still somehow put a smile on your face because you know you would of had an awesome time with your friends, family, partner or whoever it may have been with at the dinner table. 

I get so excited even just thinking about hotpot and yes.. I can't stop smiling right now as I type away. Perhaps that is a bit too creepy? LOL

Feasting CQL Mini Hotpot
So now that you know how much I love hotpot, can you imagine how happy I would be if someones says the words 'individual hotpots' to me... I was over the moon when I discovered CQL Mini Hotpot from Chocolatesuze's blogpost. When I finished reading her blogpost, I wanted hotpot more than ever. I wanted my mini individual hotpot now and when I mean now, I mean right n.o.w.

Do you know what individual hot pots mean??? No more fighting over the last dumpring that is floating in the large pot of soup. No more of the 'omg you added too much chilli' or 'why are you guys so weak? Grow a pair of balls and learn to eat more chilli'. The best trouble is when you have a gigantic pot, there are so many things to finish off because people keep chucking stuff in thinking other people are still hungry and in the end everyone starts yelling out shot gun because they are too full to finish it off. Ahhh good times. 

Mini individual hotspots! XD
Anyways so for 30 bucks, you can have an all you can eat buffet session for two hours which is more than enough time. Basically when you the clock starts ticking, you grab a metal plate and you start piling things on and on and on till your heart is content. 

Different choices of items to choose from including non-hotpot dishes
Bottom right: cuttle fish paste
Left: Frozen curls of lamb and beef
Top right: fish balls and other balls (no pun intended)
Bottom right: more hotpot madness
Endless boxes of your daily greens, noodles, more tofu and mushroom
One of my many plates of hotpot goodies 
And another...
So after mountains and mountains of plates of food, all I wanted to do was to unbuckle that belt. I was soooooooo full but my heart was so content. I must say that I am not the biggest fan of having hotpot at a restaurant mainly because it is a lot healthier DIY at home (plus it is significantly cheaper). The plus side to eating out hotpot though is that you don't have to do any cleaning up. So 30 bucks and 120 minutes later, I had a very satisfied belly and was rolling my way out the door. Will definitely be back again the next time I am craving for hotpot but cbb doing it at home! 

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. hehe i love that it's buffet style so i dont feel guilty just eating endless amounts of mushroom

  2. Hot pot!! Miss having hot pot at home :( but it's such a hassle preparing and cleaning am I right?! But it's sooo tasty... Hehe this is super close to my hood too :D

  3. Individual hot pots! Brilliant! $30 is a very good price IMO. Love the top photo!

  4. Individual hot pots! Brilliant! $30 is a really good price IMO. Love the top photo!

  5. Hehe you are too cute! I love how excited you are about hot pot :D

  6. i really want this right now :( poopoo monday hunger pains

  7. ohh wow!! the mini pots are so adorable. love love love hotpot and agree about the pains of cleaning up haha!

  8. Love how colourful the little hot pots are! And buffets are always a dangerous temptation. Oh ok, I'll have one more round then!

  9. Brilliant price and 2 hours is a very long time for chowing down. Specially as your ingredients cook pretty quickly. Look fantastic.

  10. Oh I can't wait to try this, it sounds fantastic!!! All that delicious food! It is such a great idea. I will be pinning this one :)

  11. i agree with you about the hot pot at home, its just so much cheaper but again im the only one who will eat beef tripe and spicy soup base so eating out hass its advantages. my new favs for hot pot are white radish chunks and taro! so good! tomato and kimchi broth is also very nice!

  12. I am officially hungry now. That's a MINI hotpot? It looks like so much stuff! So good.

  13. Still haven't gotten ourselves over to this place even though it looks amazing! Will definitely head in when the weather gets colder though :)

  14. Oh wow, hotpot buffet! Haven't seen any in Sydney till now. The pots are so cute! I'll have to check this out one day ...will be perfect when winter arrives :)

  15. The taste is extremely bad, and the quality of the food is poor, besides we ordered 2 chichen heart in the cold pot, they didn't put in it at all.
    What's worse, the waitress' service are terrrible. When we complained the taste was not good, one waitress said to me, "the taste is like that, whatever you like or not". I asked to talk to their manager, that girl said their boss/manager was not there (I guess many customers complained to them, and all they can do is hide their manager!) Too shame for this Chinese restaurant. I will never ever go there at all and not recommemd this worst restaurant in Burwood. Try the restaurant opposite of Burwood Westfield, that taste is original good.