Sunday, February 3, 2013

Round three of Melbourne

Round three and also the final round of Melbourne food eating begins now. No Melbourne trip counts if you come back without stuffing your face with a large cone of lord of the fries at least once. On the topic of these 'healthy' fries, I have a confession to make. So after one of my drunken pub crawls during one of the nights, I had my obligatory session at lord of the fries followed by stepping foot into KFC for some wicked wings that were covered in 11 secret herbs and spices. APPARENTLY I did it ALL wrong. 

Melbourne travels
So apparently the right way of doing is to order extra sauce so you can dunk those sexy wings into the sauce whilst stuffing your face with those fries. OMG, why didn't I think of that? Guess I just need to make up for it next time. Word also has it that lord of the fries is also coming to Sydney!

Graffiti lane way in Melbourne
Colourful huts at Brighton Beach
Like New Zealand, the weather changes so fast in Melbourne and on most days, you have the 'luxury' of going through all four seasons in one day. The colourful huts at Brighton Beach was one of my highlights, they were just so pretty and I loved how each of the huts were different. It was so difficult so choose a favourite. 

One of the things I was dying to try was Wonderbao Kitchen. I got so jelly each time my Melbourne food friends instagramed a photo of their mouth water buns so there was no way I was going to leave Melbourne until I got my hands on one of those buns. Ever since I had tried the buns at Momofuku, I have been obsessed with them. 

Part of the kitchen at Wonderbao
Pork belly wonderbao
When you bite into the bun, all you want to do is to close your eyes; the softness of the bun, the juices from the pork, the crunchiness of the crackling and vegetables plus the generous amounts of hoisin sauce makes it super tasty. For $3.50, I really couldn't complain. The only problem was that I wish my body would let me have millions and millions of these porky buns and stay thin forever. 

Pulled pork 'spring roll' 
Next stop and another personal favourite of mine is Chin Chin. I waited more than TWO HOURS to feed my stomach. It was the longest I have ever waited for food. By the end of the two ish hours, I was starving and slightly drunk. Thank gosh for Go Go Bar that was located downstairs to help kill time. 

Gapi Fried Rice
Salt and pepper squid
DIY Pulled pork spring roll
Tom Yum soup
'Son in law' eggs with chilli jam
I normally dislike most types of fried rice unless it is Nasi Gorgeng but the one at Chin Chin was simply exceptional. It was so good that I wouldn't even label it was a fried rice. The heroes that pulled everything together were the sweet juicy pork and caramelised shrimp. Perhaps it was also the 'DIY' of the mixing which was done at the table instead of a wok that made it taste so unique. It was this dish that made the 2 hour oh so worth it. 

Love the pulled pork DIY spring rolls, it was so fun to wrap it up yourself. I felt like a kid again with all these 'DIY' dishes. The 'son in law' eggs were also just as good. The best bit of those eggs was when you cut into the eggs with the spoon and all the egg yolk oozed out into the puddle of sauce. One of the best egg dishes I have had in a very long time. 

Seafood pasta
Spanish tapas heaven
Last but now least is the famous Movida. Considering how popular this place was and with a four to six week waiting list, I had to check it out. My favourite dish was definitely the seafood pasta. The pasta was jammed packed with flavours. I have never tasted such a rich and intense past dish like this before. Some people might not like this heavy but for me, it was perfect. It was like all the seafood flavours were soaked into the pasta and that for me was what made it incredibly tasty. The next time I go back, I am just going to make sure I have one of those pastas ALL to myself. 

That's about it guys! I can't wait to make a return visit back to Melbourne. What are some places I should try next? 

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon Wonderbao on Urbanspoon Chin Chin on Urbanspoon

MoVida Bar de Tapas on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. Been following your lovely Melbourne food tour and wowwww so much delicious stuff omg!! Chin Chin and MoVida gotta be on my must-eat list now :)

  2. argh i missed out on wonderbao im so jealous!

  3. Wonderbao will be one of my first stops back in melb.... NOM

  4. Good to hear the 2 hour wait for Chin Chin was worth it.

  5. We're going to Wonderbao on our Melbs visit in a few weeks and I shall be indulging in a LARGE Lord of the Fries with Canadian Sauce. BRING IT ON! Going to try to get into Chin Chin at 5pm for dinner so we hopefully avoid the queues.

  6. Hehe you went to a few of the places that I've been dying to go to! YAY! :D

  7. I gave up on waiting for Chin Chin while I was there but I've heard the food is amazing! At least it was worth your wait :)

  8. damn it why didn't I think to go to wonderbao when i was there this wkend! That pork belly bao looks so mouthwatering!

  9. i was in melb earlier in the week and i agree with the LOTF! shall venture down there again soon!