Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chi Chi, Canley Heights

So ever since I read about Chi Chi on bite me show me, I have been dying to check this place out. This Asian kitchen and bar is a typical restaurant you would normally find in Surry Hills rather than in the west. I guess that is probably what made me so keen to check out Chi Chi. As I ate my way through the menu, the only thing I wanted to do was to continue ordering and eating. I wanted to try everything on that menu. 

Son in law eggs - $5.50

It took me ages to decide what I wanted to order as it was only DC and I that night. I am sorry DC, I do love our date nights but when it is just the two of us, there is only so much we can order and try. Being romantic is one thing but my love for food however.. 

ANYWAYS so these son in law eggs were seriously mind blowing. If you thought the ones at Chin Chin in Melbourne were good, OMG wait till you try these babies. The ones at Chi Chi are topped with a generous amount of their house xo sauce and man!! their xo sauce was amazing. The sauce was spicy and salty and the balance between the two was just right. I would of preferred my eggs to be a bit more undercooked just to get more of the runny yolk but the crispy batter on the outside was done well. 

Left: Cloudy apple and strawberry and lychee drinks
Top right: Roti flat bread - $3
Bottom right: Fried banana
Fried crispy skin salmon and papaya green salad - $21.60
This crispy skin salmon salad was so delicious but if you don't like sour things then this probably isn't the dish for you. The salmon skin was extremely crispy, it was like eating chips. DC dislikes eating fish skin (what is there not to love??) so I was more than happy to give a helping hand and eat it ALL. Oh what a shame.

What makes having crispy salmon skin even better? Fried and crispy thin pieces of garlic. It is exactly the way my mother cooks her garlic and it is exactly the way I love to have it. 

Shaken beef (aka Bo Lo Lac) - $23.80
I know that reading wok tossed beef cubes in garlic and pepper sounds pretty ordinary but don't be fooled because it certainly tasted a lot better than it reads on paper. The scotch fillet beef was quite tender and juicy. The sauce wasn't as oily as I had expected. I was really glad I had ordered the roti because it meant I could dip that crispy flat bread into the puddle of sauce and polish off the whole dish. 

Fried banana sesame roll with caramel sauce and salted nut ice cream - $9.20
Black sticky rice with coconut cream - $8.90
As they say no matter how full you are, there is always room for dessert. The fried bananas were crispy but rather than being like banana fritters, the bananas were rolled up in a thin pastry and then deep fried.     The salted but ice cream went well with the fried bananas but I would of been even happier if it was in a pool of salted caramel instead. 

Chi Chi is definitely a place I will coming back to. There are still so many more things I have yet to try but the next time I return, I will definitely be ordering a plate of son in laws to me, myself and I.

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Looks great - I loved the son-in-law eggs at Chin Chin and it's great to hear these are better (& closer to home too). I also love fried salmon skin - it's the best.

  2. Ogling those son in law eggs! Caramelised bananas are so amazing - I toast bananas in wraps with peanut butter all the time :D

  3. Aww spanks for the mention! I wish I had tried chin chin in melbourne for the son in law eggs. although, it could be a good thing that i didn't because at least these ones are within reach lol

  4. So divine! But not good for me as Canley Heights is just way too far from home.

  5. this place looks amazing! but its bit far for me to get to!

  6. Hehe after reading this I think I've found the place where I want to go with friends!! Thanks Shanshan and Tina! :D

  7. The shaken beef looks nice, the fried banana too! And I agree, there's always room for dessert.

  8. What delicious looking dishes... I love crispy garlic too, yum :) The sticky black rice pudding is one of my favourite desserts. Nice :)

  9. Looking at the photo of the son-in-law eggs I was drooling ... reading your description ... I WAS SWIMMING IN MY DROOL!

    I also agree, what is there not to love about fish skin?! HAHAHA!

    - Cassie