Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ocean Room Sydney, Circular Quay

The Overseas Passenger Terminal has got to have one of the best views of Sydney, especially at night when the main thing that stands out in the pitch black darkness is the beautiful Opera House. Ocean Room, being one of the restaurants along this strip, has one of the best views of the House no matter where you are sitting. 

View of the Opera House on the way to Ocean Room

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, Glebe

 Soo... like this happened. 

Jurassic Pork Challenge - $49.50

Hello friends. I present you with the 1.6 KG Jurassic Pork Challenge at Essen and that, was Jeroxie's  and my 'birthday cake'. Please ignore my monstrous facial expression. The aim was to finish this 1.6 kg loaf of bread, filled with marinated slow-cooked pork and coleslaw in forty minutes. Yes, in 4 0 minutes. I like to name this loaf as Sir JP. 

Clearly, we failed from the moment that wooden board was placed onto the table because we had probably spent a good 10 minutes on just taking photos of Sir JP.