Sunday, May 5, 2013

Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, Glebe

 Soo... like this happened. 

Jurassic Pork Challenge - $49.50

Hello friends. I present you with the 1.6 KG Jurassic Pork Challenge at Essen and that, was Jeroxie's  and my 'birthday cake'. Please ignore my monstrous facial expression. The aim was to finish this 1.6 kg loaf of bread, filled with marinated slow-cooked pork and coleslaw in forty minutes. Yes, in 4 0 minutes. I like to name this loaf as Sir JP. 

Clearly, we failed from the moment that wooden board was placed onto the table because we had probably spent a good 10 minutes on just taking photos of Sir JP. 

Look at the size of the sauces and that bread loaf
Sir JP looking oh so meaty

Sir JP was huge and packed with so much meat. It was enough to feed 3 to 4 people. I don't know how anyone could do it alone but the novelty was worth trying for. IT EVEN HAS BACON EARS!! *squeal* We had to finish of all the pork (at the very least) but the chips just kept staring at me. They were calling out to me to eat them and of course, I fell weak at the knees. Who the hell says no to chips even if you are in a challenge. 

The slow-cooked pork along their home made bbq sauce was sweet and juicy. The bacon were extra crunchy. It was almost as crunchy as a biscuit. The coleslaw was slightly plain but I think you do need something plain to help break up all the sweet and salty flavours. 

One of the highlights of the night was definitely the sauerkraut that was in some of their other dishes. If only the Jurassic Pork Challenge came with less coleslaw and replaced it with some sauerkraut, I could of created a tastier sandwich with that bread loaf. 

The castle for Sir JP

Last but not least, how could Sir JP live without it's castle. Ta-da! It even has it's own red carpet! 

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Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined as a guest of Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, courtesy of Wasamedia


  1. woooaaahhhh. looks like they've changed the eating challenge. last time i was there, they had the Schnitzilla challenge where you had to eat a 3.5kg schnitzel. i love slow cooked pulled pork but doubt i would be able to finish this one.

  2. Holy guacamole that's huge!!! I really love that castle at the end though. Did you try any of their other food? What did you think?

  3. Oh my goodness! That is enormous! And I think your expression says it all! Happy Birthday to you and Penny! :D

  4. Oh I love it!!! It looks absolutely delicious!! I would have loved to have given it a go with you girl :)

    I think I would have been a huge help in demolishing this baby.

  5. wow that is epic. I wonder how far the boy and I would go with this seeing as though we're pretty big eaters hahahaha

  6. lol at the castle :P. Love how their serve this so genius :D!

  7. OMG that is INSANE!!! hahaha I couldn't help but just turn my computer screen and show my colleague!!! i want to tryyyyyyyyy :)

  8. Holyyyyy mother of THAT IS ONE LARGE ASS MEAL!! I love my slow roasted pork but that is so so much pork! Beautiful castle btw :P

  9. That's crazy... Just that loaf is crazy let alone that it's filled with pork!
    Happy birthday to you & Jeroxie!

  10. that is one mega meaty birthday cake...! as usual, we had lots of fun. to more eating!

  11. Got to go eat INDEED!!
    Not that I want to challenge, but oh my ... it looks good!
    I love the creativity at the end ;) Love the castle XD
    Must pencil in to try pwahaha!
    And I used to work near there too!!!

    - Cassie

  12. Bwahaha love your cheesy photos. And that's some awesome playing with your food right there!

  13. What a challenge! Love the castle at the end hehe.

  14. hahahaha damn that's huge! I've only ever had the reuben here. Hmmmm... this challenge sounds interesting. Wonder if I could do it lol

  15. 40 minutes! Did you have to sign some kind of non-indemnity form?!

  16. Haha I want to eat this! Very impressed with your castle:)