Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ocean Room Sydney, Circular Quay

The Overseas Passenger Terminal has got to have one of the best views of Sydney, especially at night when the main thing that stands out in the pitch black darkness is the beautiful Opera House. Ocean Room, being one of the restaurants along this strip, has one of the best views of the House no matter where you are sitting. 

View of the Opera House on the way to Ocean Room

The tasting menu at Ocean Room has a whopping 12 courses. You may think that a handful of sashimi  slices along with some other smaller dishes may still leave you feeling hungry at the end of the night. Dear friends, I am telling you now, don't be fooled. I was struggling to finish the last few courses of the tasting and we all know how much I eat.

Pretty cocktails
The cocktail menu has quite a range of flavours from sweet and fruity to chilli and spicy. Ocean Room is currently a two for one deal. How does one say no to half price cocktails?

Tasting menu at Ocean Room
Top left: Course 3 - Japanese modern take on the Caprese salad
Top left: Course 2 - cold drip dashi and green tea
Bottom left: Course 1 - freshly shucked oysters
Bottom right: Course 4 - prawn and calamari croquette

Course 2 - cold drip dashi and green tea

Course 3 - Japanese modern take on the Caprese salad 

We started off with a couple of freshly shucked oysters topped a layer of yamazaki silk. The silky clear layer of jelly went well with the smoothness of the oysters. This was followed by the second course which was a cold drip dashi and green tea filled with rice crust. The presentation and the taste were both as interesting as each other. It was sooo pretty. I thought the rice crust which looked like rice bubbles would be soggy but it was still slightly crunchy with a hint of green tea. Delish!

The third course was one of my favourites of the night, Ocean Room's modern take on the caprese salad. The salad was fun to eat. It was a bit like a tasting plate where you would use the tomato chip to pick up some of the tuna, onion and so forth. I wish this dish came with more tomato chips. They were so light and crunchy, I wanted a whole bowl's worth.

Speaking of crunchy, the first warm dish of the night was the Shinjo house-made croquette filled with prawn and calamari. There was no way you could eat this dish politely and quietly, every biteful was loud and crunchy. 

Course 5 - Autumn vegetable onsen

The fifth course was another fun dish to eat. It always is when it involves being a bit more hands on no matter where you are dining. The heated anchovy and garlic dip was quite strong but the shichimi spice on the side helped balanced it out. Please excuse the poor quality of the photo, it was almost impossible to photograph with the blazing candle light. 

Course 6 - seasonal sashimi selection

Course 7 - Wagyu beef shabu2

The fresh selection of sashimi melted gracefully in your mouth whilst the shabu was warm and comforting. Although the shabu could of been warmer, the lime chilli soy along with the tenderness of the wagyu beef and the mini soft tofu blocks was enough to make me want to crawl in bed and snuggle under my blankets. Hello winter, I am officially ready for you. 

Course 8 - Miso Cod
Course 9 - Butabara 

So by the time the miso cod arrived, I started feeling a bit full and I swear, I think the sizes of the dishes got bigger and bigger... but that could of just been me hallucinating. The miso cod is a signature dish of Ocean Room. As you pressed down onto the cod fillet with your fork, the char grilled fish would break into small flakey pieces amongst the mayo. Absolutely a well cooked dish. 

I know I have pointed out quite a few favourites throughout this post but the highlight for me would definitely have to be the butabara. It looks so fun. Wrapped in cellophane, were pork belly, tofu pieces and chilli ponzu in a pool of hot simmering soup. I loved everything single bit of this dish. 

Course 10 - Sansui 
Course 10
Left: quinoa crusted prawn
Top right: wagyu iron steak
Bottom right: agedashi taro potato
Course 11 - selection of nigiri sushi 
Course 12 - Amaguri chestnut mont blanc with green tea angel cake and cognac persimmon 

By the time the tenth course was placed in front of me, I wasn't even sure if I could stomach anymore food from that point onwards. Nevertheless I extremely dislike wasting food, especially good food, so I powered on and on. 

The sansui was full of different textures. The quinoa crust on the prawn had a hard crunch, the wagyu steak was chewy while the taro potato was fluffy on the inside. Although the portions of each component may appear tiny, this was one the most filling dish of the night. 

After demolishing every single part of the tenth course, I thought there would be no way on earth I could digest another three pieces of nigiri. Surprisingly, they weren't as filling as I had thought (in a good way) because there were was more sashimi than rice.  

Last but not least came dessert. Finally. The green leaf and the pomegranate pieces was a great resemblance of autumn. The green tea angel cake was accompanied well with the persimmon which had been soaked in cognac.  

The tasting plate is $120 for 12 comforting courses. If you do the maths, it works out to be 10 bucks per dish plus dining with a view. That plus half priced cocktails sounds like a winner to me. 

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Food is our religion dined as a guest of Ocean Room, courtesy of Wasamedia.

Gotta go eat!!


  1. It's interesting how those little dishes creep on you towards the end.

    What was the black thing on the plate with the butabara?

  2. Very good value I'd say! Definitely looks like a menu I'd very much enjoy!

  3. wah very nice! its been on my list for a while must go check it out soon!

  4. That's quite a good deal! mmm quinoa crusted prawn stealing cooking ideas xD

  5. wish i could've attended, everything looks beautiful

  6. Wow some of those dishes are so creative and different! :D What a nice new menu!

  7. Great view! And what a meal. $10 per course seems ridiculously cheap for such a crazy delicious beautiful looking meal!

  8. Everything looks amazing! The cold drip dashi & green tea sounds interesting. Never had the combo before.

  9. WOW! I still just cannot get over the view of the opera house. Such a gorgeous image. What a fantastic place to share a meal... and the quinoa crusted prawn, amazing :)

  10. I do love me a good tasting menu, and that Caprese salad looks SO PRETTY!!! Great pictures!

  11. Nice photos - your patience with taking them definitely paid off! I was literally at exploding point by the time we finished but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, the food was so good!

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