Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chocolate, caramel and toffee apples

Yes I am no longer MIA and I am finally back here. We all know by now that when it comes to  making dessert, the kitchen and I are simply just not friends. To be honest, I wasn't too sure if I should go ahead and post this entry because my idea kind of failed. Anyways I decided to go ahead with it so my efforts wouldn't go to waste. 

Apples dipped in chocolate, caramel or toffee covered in all sorts of fun

Apples dipped in chocolate, caramel or toffee covered in all sorts of fun

So last night I had a friend's birthday where everyone had to bring a plate of dessert. I brought apples on sticks covered in either chocolate, caramel or toffee. 

Ever since I saw Chocolatesuze's toffee apple post, I've been wanting to play with toffee. I love toffee apples but I always have several dilemmas:
  1. By the time you finish ALL the toffee, you can't be bothered to eat the apple and let it go to waste.
  2. You struggle to even finish ALL the toffee which means you can't even get to the apple or
  3. You eat part of the toffee and apple but the whole thing is so freaking big you can't finish the whole thing. 
I thought that if I cut the apples into smaller bit sized pieces, all my problems would be solved. Yeah.. no. It was so fail. I didn't realise that the acidity (and juice) would cause my toffee to melt. Boo .... =(
Luckily I had a back up plan which was to coat them in either chocolate or caramel bits. 

So these are the things you will need. When it comes to dipping fruit in something sweet, I generally like to choose fruits that are a bit more sour to help balance out the sweetness. 

Green apples!

If you are following this recipe and you want to coat your apples in toffee, either use the whole apple or use smaller apples if the normal ones are too big. Do not cut them up. I repeat, do not cut them up

I used chocolatesuze's recipe to make the toffee. If you have already cut up your apples, grab either some chocolate or caramel bits and melt them in a bowl over some hot water. 

Toffee in progress
Once the toffee, chocolate or caramel is ready, dip the apples into any of the three. Once all of the sides have been coated all over, dip them into a bowl of nuts, sprinkles, chopped up dried mango or whatever you feel like! Anndddd this is what you will end up with! 

Apples slices coated in chocolate, toffee or caramel bits. 
So I guess this was barely a "recipe" type of post but I can definitely say, it was absolutely fun making it all and it made me feel like a 5 year old kid again. Can't wait to get back into routine so stay tuned!

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. oh man i could totally go for a toffee apple or two right about now!

  2. shame about the melting of the toffee, but that's good to know for the future!

  3. Interesting idea doing apple pieces! I love the look of whole apples but I guess pieces is more practical!

  4. love your photos!! this looks like a fun activity to do with friends and a bunch of different toppings. yours are so pretty :)

  5. Cute! :) Must be heaps fun to make and eat! :)

  6. Aww good idea with the toffee covered apple pieces, but hey, glad you shared that with your readers!

  7. Ooohhh I like the idea of slices dipped in toffee!

  8. i love it! i agree with you on the toffee pple, its so tirig to eat and troublesome to get ot the apple!

  9. I love this. it's a great idea to bring to office morning teas!!

  10. Dear Shan Shan,

    I don't have a sweet tooth and that sweet sticky toffee swirling in the pan is making me a bit nauseous. Can you make me some savoury ones?

  11. woah, nice and healthy ... and yummy!! :D
    Awesome idea!!

    - Cassie

  12. What a great idea!!
    It woud make a really good party treat for the childrens next party :)

  13. Oh my! Forget children's parties... I want these for myself!

  14. Every post I seem to end up saying "Wow!" These are so creative and unique. :)

  15. How long do they keep for once they are coated!?

    1. Hi Ellen, since the apples are sliced I probably would eat them within a couple of hours.