Saturday, July 20, 2013

King Street Wharf Festival 2013

I heart food festivals. The thought of having an endless selection of food stalls always excites me. The live music, the atmosphere, the crowd and of course, the packaging of food where it is served in mini cardboard boxes and plates. King Street Wharf is currently whipping up a festival from the 19th to the 25th of July 2013. I will admit I am generally skeptical of the pricing at food festivals because most of the times, the dishes are over priced but to my surprise, I found quite a few bargain dishes at the King Wharf Festival

King Street Wharf (KSW) Festival

The petite steak from Steersons Steakhouse was one of my favourites of the afternoon. It might appear to be a small serving for $12  but once you break through the pastry lid, you will find chunks and chunks of flavoursome meat. Delicious. And surprisingly, this was so filling that I wasn't sure how many more dishes I could demolish especially when I just started. 

Chicken satay skewers from The Malaya - $12

The chicken satay skewers from The Malaya were tender and they weren't your typical skinny skewers. These babies had large chunks of meat on each stick and were flooded in all that sweet satay sauce. 

Grilled prawns from Kobe Jones - $12

No. 1 special skewers from Wharf Teppayaki - $12

Pepper salmon (120grams) from Wharf Teppanyaki - $5

Pepper salmon (120grams) from Wharf Teppanyaki - $5

The pepper salmon from Wharf Teppyanki was another favourite and one of the best value for money dishes. For 5 measly bucks you got a serving for a fresh and well cooked salmon. The skin was crispy and the meat was soft and packed full of teriyaki flavour. Loved and cherished every bite of it. 

Hot dog

Pad thai chicken from I Thai - $12

Ricotta filled cannoli from Vessel Italian and Bar - $5

The pad thai from I Thai had a good balance of flavour and you can request for it to covered in extra peanuts. The pad thai is made beforehand but it is re-heated on the hot bbq plate upon each order. 

KSW Festival 2013

For the first two days, the restaurants along the wharf will be setting up a stall and serving a couple of dishes each while for the remaining of the week, the restaurants will be offering special meal deals. 

The good thing about these deals is that you will be dining at the restaurants itself by the water anddddd you won't have to worry about the rain. Mother nature must of been pmsing on the day I had visited because it went from a beautiful winter chill to pouring rain clouds and then to a beautiful warm afternoon. Luckily the rain didn't last very long and all my food was sprinkled on! 

Gotta go eat!! 

Food is our religion dined as a guest of King Street Wharf with compliments to The PR Partnership


  1. It's always interesting to see what the restaurants come up with. Some of the offerings look to be good deals, some less so than others :) You got some nice sunshine for the photos though :)

  2. You definitely seemed to have tried your fair share of food! :D

  3. This food looks absolutely delicious and I simply cannot believe the oh so very reasonable prices!

  4. mm looks like a whole lot of fun! We've been blessed with great weather these past couple of weekends!

  5. Dear Shan Shan,

    I'm not a fan of food festivals because most items are pricier to cover the cost of setting up their makeshift kitchen which is less conducive for the restaurants to cook at their best, let alone eating with paper & styrofoam plates and plastic forks.

    At best, the only item I might try is the hot dog but that is also the only item which you didn't include a price. Were there any wines there at all coz I normally just drink a bottle of white if the weather is nice and sunny.

  6. whoa so much good food! i keep missing out on all these food festivals! grr!

  7. What a delicious selection of food! ...and I love South Bank, such a pretty spot. Lol, for someone that was full after the first dish, you certainly managed to put away a feast ;)

  8. The canoli looks so damn good! Looked like the festival was heaps fun!

  9. It was a great festival. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  10. Wow! The ricotta filled cannoli looks amazing!