Sunday, August 4, 2013

Magnum Pleasure Store (Pop up), Sydney

Oh em gee, there is a Magnum pop up store inside Westfield Sydney. I don't even remember when was the last time I had a magnum. If I was to guess I think it was at least 6 years ago? and even then I opted for the mini magnums. I find magnums to be too sweet but hey customising your own magnum is a totally different story. The wait for a magnum was about 45 minutes all up. 

The obvious golden question is... was it worth it

Customised Magnums - White and Dark chocolate - $7 each

The Magnum Sydney Pleasure Store is at Westfield Sydney from the 16th of July to the 25th of August  2013. The magnums are $7 each and you can choose your coating (white, milk or dark), four toppings plus a drizzle of chocolate (again being white, milk or dark).

6 steps in creating your own magnum
Toppings to choose from
There were endless amounts of toppings to choose from including rose petals, almond pieces, mixed nuts, hazelnuts, coffee beans, chocolate flakes, chocolate sprinkles, pistachio, dried strawberries and  berries, honey comb, meringue pieces, rock sea salt, rar rar far. You name it.

Dipping a nude magnum in your coating of choice
The decoration process

Can you guess what toppings are on the magnums? DC got a white chocolate coated magnum topped with hazelnut, almonds, crumbed meringue and crushed coffee beans followed by a drizzle of dark chocolate. I got a dark chocolate coated magnum topped with rose petals, rock sea salt, dried strawberries and berries followed by a drizzle of white chocolate (ps I chose white only because it would make my magnum look better lol).

Magnum pop up
The waiting line

So to answer the golden question...

Even though DC and I waited about 45 minutes, I would say the line was about 30 minutes till you reach the register to place your order. After that, it is another 15 minutes wait whilst watching everyone's magnum being made. For the novelty and as a one-off experience, it's worth the wait but I don't think I would be keen to wait 45 minutes again for another one. If you haven't been, I would definitely say it is still definitely worth a try though!

Gotta go eat!!


  1. I agree. Not worth buying again, it's just for the fun and novelty, because pop-up stores tend to go for that factor I reckon.

    I got served by a guy who didn't fully dip the icecream in the chocolate coating, so as a result, the chocolate coating fell off after a few bites, instead of staying intact onto the magnum until near the end.

    and the coating was chewy, it wasn't hardcrack like they said it would be, but i guess that's due to the fact it wasn't frozen after the unique magnum was made.

    but yeah my friend and I enjoyed the magnum experience because of its prettiness hahaha

  2. Thanks for the post Shan Shan! Always wondered what it would be actually like. Looks like fun but not sure I would go myself. I'm not really an ice cream kind of gal!

  3. Really great concept. Not something I would normally eat but I think I'd still do this if only for the novelty.

  4. Big fan of Magnum here but still don't see a point in queueing up for this... Enjoying all the gorgeous pictures of others' creations though! =)

  5. It looks way cool! Definitely a novelty thing I agree. But $7 is pricey for a magnum!!

  6. wow it's getting so popular now. and will get even more busy in the final week i think. glad you enjoyed it. i like mine too because it was something different but it's a pity about the long wait now.

  7. i had to lol at the thought of a nude magnum. heh. put some clothes on. quickly!

  8. Ooh, what a cool concept! 45 minutes is probably also taken up by lots of indecisive people at the front of the queue, hahaha!

  9. I still don't know if I would pay $7 for a magnum.. lol

  10. id be the same choosing white choc cos it looks better! this is such an awesome concept!

  11. Walked past this the other day and kept trying to justify spending $7 on a Magnum...

  12. Oh I would so do it for the novelty value!!

  13. Looks like so much fun but you would want something pretty amazing after waiting that long!

  14. I went today in the late morning. It took about 25 minutes to get in and out. Very tasty!