Thursday, September 5, 2013

Copo Cafe and Diner, Dummoyne

Hooray for Thursday peeps! The faster the day goes, the closer the weekend. One of my places I have recently discovered for brunch is Copo Cafe and diner in Drummoyne. Tucked secretly behind Victoria Road and yet still so popular. There is also a section upstairs in the terrace which I regrettably didn't check out  but downstairs was also nice and cosy. The only thing missing was a view of the bay although the amount of sun light beaming in through the windows made up for it. 

House smoked trout baked eggs with creme fraiche and toast - $17.90

Baked eggs are one of my favourite brunch meals. The best bit is always breaking off a piece of toast and using it to clean up all that oozy egg yolk. It hits the spot every time. 

The dill with the smoked trout was a good match but there was so much trout! There wasn't as much oil in the dish as I had anticipated either which is always a thumbs up.

Coffee thickshake - $6.50?
Banana, strawberry and berries smoothie - $6.50

Charcoal roast pork sandwich with aioli, pear and fennel relish - $13.90

Oh man! I loved Copo's roast pork sandwich! The roast pork was a little bit dry but but but the relish was so dam delicious. The sweetness from the pear relish together with the aioli were a match made in heaven. No seriously, it was one of the best 'sauces' I have had. I would definitely come back for this but you can't order it too late as these sandwiches sell out like hot potatoes. I think I scored one of the last few because we heard another customer ordering it and they were sold out. 

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. ive heard so much good stuff about this place! love the cute little typewriter!

  2. Dang that sells out fast then! Pear relish with pork sounds delish! Different from the usual apple :P

  3. yum! the baked eggs look pretty good, I've heard great things about copo.

  4. Sounds like a nice little neighbourhood cafe! I'd be having the baked eggs, as I'm a bit of a sucker for those.