Sunday, October 27, 2013

Celebrating 4 years with the blog and 5 years with DC

WOW, I can't believe another year has flown right by and here we are celebrating 4 years with the blog and 5 years with DC. It is scary to think how many years it has been but of course it was a fun ride. So I decided that the best way to celebrate both anniversaries is to share with you guys my entire weekend of celebratory eats! 

Staying true and of course, classy

Stop number one, Kobe Jones along King Street Wharf. Earlier this year, I was invited to the King Street Wharf Festival and funnily enough, DC was one of the winners of the instagram competition held by KSW. One of the prizes which DC had won was a voucher to Kobe Jones so now we had an excuse to visit. Since it was just DC and I that night, we decided to go with the Perfect for Two degustation menu ($90 pp). 

Number one special - crab salad w/ avocado covered in a bittersweet soy glaze

First course was the number one special, crab salad with avocado covered in a bittersweet soy glaze. It looks small but don't be fooled because those babies are filled with loads of crab meat and the soy glaze helped sweeten up the dish. Definitely a light and delicious way to start off the Perfect for Two degustation. 

Top left: Miso scallop nigiri
Top right: Tuna tatami
Bottom left: Lollipop sushi
Bottom centre: Sake Jelly Oyster
Bottom right: Spider roll

Next up was a series of treats served on a large black board. All the items on the board tasted great but my favourite would definitely have to be the sake jelly oyster. The oyster was extremely fresh and the sake jellies was an excellent match. Both the oyster and the jellies melted heavenly in your mouth. Absolutely refreshing. 

Kingfish Carpaccio

I heart sashimi but my all time favourite is kingfish sashimi so my eyes popped when I saw how pretty this dish was. At that point in time, I wished DC had stepped away from the table because I secretly wanted to eat it all.  The dish was topped with some pink peppers which were really pretty but it was too peppery for my liking. Luckily they were easily scrapped off and I was left with some melting moments with my oh so precious sashimi.  

Rose and Riesling 

Tempura tiger prawns

Volcano roll

The tempura prawns were light but I usually prefer mine to have a more firm and crunchy coating. The volcano roll though was like an explosion of flavour. The teriyaki sauce was sweet but their special cream sauce helped balance out that sweetness. There were a lot of strong flavours in that dish so it was definitely a good idea to share. 

Marinaded cod saikyo miso yaki

Grilled wagyu beef

Finally the last two savoury dishes came out. Both the miso cod and wagyu beef steak were juicy and tender so two thumbs up there. I personally prefer the miso cod at Oceans Room and Masuya as I like the marinade/sauce to be quite sweet. The balsamic teriyaki sauce though was definitely a lot stronger and together with the sweetness from the juice of the wagyu beef - z o m g o s h. I don't think I need to say anymore. 

Flaming anko

The flaming creme brûlée was a fun way to end the night. Although the top wasn't as firm as it should have been, the novelly of the burning flame totes made up for it. 

Thredbo 2013

Yes I know, we look like two over sized robbers planning our entrance to rob the nearest bank in Thredbo. Anyways round two of food comas was meant to be at Biota Dining in Bowral but since DC and I weren't able to make it down there on the weekend, the next best choice was to give Hux Bristro by Jay Huxley a visit. 

Now peeps, brace yourselves... 

1.3 KG Tomahawk ribeye steak - $88


Tomahawk steak - before 

Tomahawk steak - after - sliced 

After discovering this place through Chocolatesuze, I had to give Hux Bristro a visit. Man what a crazy meal that was. In total, it takes about 2 hours for the steak to be cooked properly but if you don't pre-order, the wait is about an hour long. The steak is best served medium rare which is consistently pink on the inside. The steak was simple and well seasoned. It came with 3 different sauces but personally, it tasted great even without it. 

It was a monster of a meal but a very hearty one. You could definitely tell that a lot of love was put into the steak, especially given it's size. 

Deep fried brownie with macadamia ice cream - $10
Photo taken by DC

So even after DC and I had devoured that monster of a steak, the greedy me still had some room left for dessert. This dessert costed me 10 hours on the courts but it was hell worth it. Deep fried brownie anyone? I really don't think I need to explain how orgasmic this was but if anything, it could of done with another of ice cream or is that me being greedy again? 

Sculptures by the sea 2013

So by this stage, I was pretty food-ed out but hey, we all need breakfast the next day right?...
Brunching at Mickey's Cafe, Paddington

Big Breakfast - $19

Halloumi and poached eggs -  $17

Another place which I have been wanting to visit for yonks was Mickey's Cafe in Paddington. I have heard abut their huge serving sizes and it was exactly what I needed to fuel up before Sculptures by the sea.

That big breakfast was dam straight one big breakfast. The mushrooms were so addictive and the egg was runny. The egg was no 63 degree egg like Devon Cafe but it was runny enough to satisfy my egg porn urges. 

Sculptures by the sea 2013

Sculpture by the sea was a great way to walk off all that food but I thought previous years was better. In saying that, I would still continue to go each year. What is there not to love with art at a beautiful beach on a glorious day.

Hot pot love

And finally the best way to end a weekend of celebrations or any weekend really is a good old hotpot. I heart hotpot not just in winter but all year round. I love being at a table flooded with good hearty food and best of all, being surrounded with great friends and family whether it being to catch up, chit chat, bitch and or laugh all night long. That is why I love food and especially sharing my stories with all of you. 

I want to say a ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who has dropped by. I really appreciate all your support, comment, likes, shares and so forth. I can't wait to continue sharing my love for food with y'all and thank you again everyone for all your love. 

Here is to more great food and company! 

Kobe Jones on Urbanspoon HUX Bistro on Urbanspoon Micky's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. happy bloggiversary and anniversary to you and DC! can't believe time has crept up so quickly. i remember your anniversary last year like it was only last month! now thats what you call a food filled weekend. hux bistro is my local and I'm dying to go - that tomahawk is calling out to me!

  2. woahhh what an epic weekend of eats!!! happy anniversary to you and DC and happy blogiversary!! here's to many more delicious years to come!

  3. Nawwww happy bloggiversary and happy anniversary! Love the top pic too :D


    Congrats on 4 years of blogging and 5 year anniversary!
    Calories? What calories?

  5. Dear Shan Shan,

    Congrats to you and DC!

    Splitting your time between your awesome blog and him should remind him that he is a very lucky boy.

  6. happy anny you two <3 <3 and yay to your blog!

  7. happy 4th bloggerversary and 5th anniversary. time to get married? ;) :p

  8. Happy blogiversary and anniversary! That is one hell of celebrating them! :D

  9. congrats on 2 very important milestones! well deserved lovely eats!

  10. Awwww congrats on both your anniversary and blogiversary! You definitely celebrated very accordingly with all that food :P

  11. Congrats Shan Shan! What a way to celebrate and you definitely packed plenty in.

    Kobe Jones is a favourite for us as it's where we got engaged. We go back every year and the crab salad & volcano roll are always a must. We generally go with the degustation however don't go with the wine matching but may give it a try next time to see if they really do compliment the flavours.

    Congrats many more years of fun and eats to come!

  12. happy blogiversary + anniversary! looks like it was filled with some amazing eats! sculpture by the sea is always fun :)

  13. Congrats Shan Shan! Happy Blogiversary and Anniversary! What a milestone!
    Love all the meals you had to celebrate.

    Kobe Jones degustation looks great and love you got tomahawked!!

  14. Happy 4th bloggiversary!!! Happy 5th with DC!!!