Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas 2013

A thank you to Chocolatesuze and Helen from Grab Your Fork for organising another great annual food bloggers Xmas picnic. With the silly weather playing up, both Suze and Helen deserve a massive shout you because shout out for pulling through and even providing tents and shelters. Also another thank you must also be given to Mr. Crackles for a boxful of crackles. Oh and by boxful I meant 25 freaking KG's full!!!

Pork crackling. 25 KG's worth.

One of the smaller pieces of crackling from the box

You could seriously smell the crackling the meters away and it was definitely the highlight of this year's xmas picnic. The crackling was super crunchy and covered in salt. Dangerously addictive. You might think it would be easy to break apart but believe me, it actually required some muscles. I guess you could consider it as a semi 'work out' for every piece of crackling right?..... 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hershey's Chocolate World and Washington D.C., USA

After 48 solid hours in New York, it was sadly time to say goodbye. It hurt to leave such an amazing city but all wounds were healed when I found myself at the Hershey's Chocolate World buhahahaha. Even for someone that isn't a big of chocolate felt like a 10 year old kid that couldn't contain their excitement. 

As soon as the automatic doors opened, the smell of sweet milky chocolate shot up straight through my nose. It was practically like inhaling in chocolate but hey, I certainly wasn't complaining.