Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas 2013

A thank you to Chocolatesuze and Helen from Grab Your Fork for organising another great annual food bloggers Xmas picnic. With the silly weather playing up, both Suze and Helen deserve a massive shout you because shout out for pulling through and even providing tents and shelters. Also another thank you must also be given to Mr. Crackles for a boxful of crackles. Oh and by boxful I meant 25 freaking KG's full!!!

Pork crackling. 25 KG's worth.

One of the smaller pieces of crackling from the box

You could seriously smell the crackling the meters away and it was definitely the highlight of this year's xmas picnic. The crackling was super crunchy and covered in salt. Dangerously addictive. You might think it would be easy to break apart but believe me, it actually required some muscles. I guess you could consider it as a semi 'work out' for every piece of crackling right?..... 

Roast chicken and fried tofu rice paper rolls

This year I made some rice paper rolls with roast chicken and deep fried tofu. It certainly wasn't the authentic kind of rice paper rolls but I assumed they were good enough because they were all gone halfway through the feasting!

The annual food bloggers xmas picnic basically translates to be a massive food fest followed by a heavy duty food coma. It is not possible to walk away feeling either hungry or slightly peckish. There are always endless amounts of good food and here are this year's platters (apologies if I have missed taking a snapshot of your dish).

Cheese platter from a Foodie's joy

Mini lempers

More savoury dishes including X Christine Thai's cheesy capsicum scrolls, 84th and 3rd's pie and The Heart of Food's deep fried cheese balls

Pesto and Tomato puffs from The Adventures of Miss Piggy

Another savory by Penguin says feed me

Top left: Chicken and cheese wraps by See Food Diet
Bottom left: Cheese, bacon and veggie slice by The Suze Chef
Right: Pulled lamb by Jeroxie

Crunchy tiger's home made bread wreath

And now time for desserts...

Cupcakes by Love Swah

Top left: Chiffon cake by Angie loves to eat
Top right: Santa deco-rolls by Oh Ayana
Bottom left: White chocolate raspberry muffins by the Chronicles of Hilda
Bottom right: Salted caramel and maltesers macarons by Ramen Raff

Left: Xmas Kristy Kremes by Nessy Eater
Top right: Chocolate fudge and caramel brownies
Bottom right: Truffle popcorn by vxdollface

Last but not least.. the man that sets up his own pop up bar...

Simon Food Favourites' pop up bar

Surprisingly there were were more savory dishes this year so that was a bonus. I wasn't able to stomach everything but based on the dishes I tried, everything tasted really good.

Family picnic! Thank you and credits to the Heart of food for the photo

It was certainly great to catch up with some familiar faces as well as meeting with some new . Lovely to see you ALL. Can't wait for the gathering next year!!

Gotta go eat!!


  1. Mr Crackles really delivered. Never thought you could have too much crackling until the picnic! :)

    Great to catch up and glad to hear that you enjoyed the fried cheese :)

  2. Very good catchup and nice food, and simon's bar was amaze. Nice to see you kept the superman bib.

  3. Your rice paper rolls were absolutely delicious :) loved them!! How long did you take to wrap these beauties up? So impressed!! Each time I attempt rice paper rolls they end up like a mess!!

  4. I love your rice paper rolls! They definitely neutralized the cracklings, somehow. LOL. And I hope you'll be using the Superman apron soon! :)

  5. Hey Shan - looks amazing! I'm sorry that I didn't end up going - the rain was quite alarming and by the time it petered out I would have been super late in getting there. It looks awesome though, I look forward to it next year. :)

  6. Good times! So glad I managed to nab one of your rice paper rolls before they disappeared. Thanks for coming, and I look forward to seeing you flexing in your apron soon. lol!

  7. your rice paper rolls were a hit! thanks heaps for coming man!

  8. Your rice paper rolls were excellent kiddo! and I wanted to steal the sauce to take it home LOL nice abs Superman hahaha

  9. Loved your rice paper rolls, they were the perfect antidote to the crackle!

    Oh yes, and you're NICE! ;-)

  10. aww looks like it was a great afternoon in the end! what a great spread of food from everyone!

  11. I'm impressed that you got so many pics of all the food before it was demolished! Good to see you again and I loved your rice paper rolls!

  12. Delsih rice paper rolls, keep them coming for next year's picnic okay!

  13. Great write-up of the picnic. That crackling was amazing!

  14. I saw your rice paper rolls on instagram and thought that they looked so tasty! :D

  15. Your rice paper rolls disappeared within seconds! It was DELICIOUS! And very clever of you glad wrapping your logo :P

  16. I was so shocked by the size of that box of crackling! Glad you got the superman apron in the end ;)

  17. i loved your rice paper rolls! it was great to finally meet you!

  18. Love everything and how you put the little labels on them :) So pretty and i bet so delicious sighhh so sad I have never had the chance to try any of your goodies!

  19. Ahhhh so much delicious food I died in a food coma and came back to life to eat more :P Sorry about mistaking your name - my brain was fried from assessments >< But I loved loved LOVED your rice paper rolls! You made so much too! :D

  20. Dear Shan Shan,

    So much deliciousness and so many beautiful people. I think your Superwoman apron tops it all for cuteness.