Monday, December 30, 2013

Cheers to another year! Farewell 2013 and bring on 2014

Man 2013 wrapped up way too quickly. I barely felt the festivity during Christmas and within a blink of an eye, NYE arrives. 2013 was an awesome year filled with lots of food, booze and travel. 

Cheers to the end of 2013

Also earlier this year, the blog finally got a brand spanking new look with thanks to Electric Chu! Not sure if you guys remembered what the old look was but it was a brown boring template offered on blogspot - nothing overly exciting. 

Italian date nights

This year in particular, I went on endless amounts of Italian Date Nights with DC and no I am still not sick of pizza and pasta. 

Harris Farm

Learning and cooking with Chef Luca
One of the final products using wholemeal pasta 

DC and I heart Italian food so much that we attended the Barilla Masterclass with Chef Luca. This was definitely my favourite masterclass which I attended in 2013. I still recall how painful it was to wake up super early that day but it was definitely worth the effort. First stop was Flemington Markets followed by  to make a visit to Harris farms and of course a cooking class at the Barrilla kitchen.

It was fun learning from Chef Luca. He even showed us how to make wholemeal pasta taste great. I know most of us would think wholemeal pasta might taste like cardboard but I am telling you, if you cook it right, you would probably forget it is even wholemeal. 

Cocktail class hosted by Sensology and Google

Steak masterclass at the Oaks with Chef Danny Russo

Speaking of masterclasses, I also attended steak and cocktail masterclasses in 2013. The steak masterclass at the Oaks Hotel was another awesome experience where I learnt the skills to make a perfect steak. Chef Danny Russo whipped up some blue steak and it was freaking amazing!! No way would I have thought I would like blue steak but with a touch of olive oil.. daaayummm, it was so good. Slightly chewy but still melted in your mouth. Absolutely heavenly. 

NYC and Washington DC

USA eats

USA and Canada

There was also the trip to the USA located on the other side of the world where I ventured through the East Coast and West Cost annnndddd took an incy wincy detour to Cananda. I haven't finished blogging about the rest of my trip to USA and Canada but here is a sneak peak of what is to come. 

Crackling by Mr Crackles

There was of course another year of the Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic organised by Chocolatesuze and Grab Your Fork but this year we has crackling with thanks to Mr. Crackles!! 

Finally, I am going have to admit that I probably had one too many fried chicken in 2013 to the point that I was all fried out half way through the year. I am sorry body. Not really sorry but sorry. I promise I will never have another piece of deep fried deliciousness again. 

So that's a wrap!

Thank you for reading Food is our religion and an extra big thank you to those that add some comment love. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you also for for the love through instagram, facebook and twitter.

I hope everyone had a great year. Stay safe during these holidays and have a fabulous new year.

Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined/attended the following:
The Barilla masterclass as a guest of Barilla and Bite Communications.
The cocktail masterclass as a guest of Google and Sensology.
The steak masterclass as a guest of the Oaks Hotel and Wasamedia.


  1. That Italian date night collage has got my mouth watering.

    Cheers to another year filled with religious activities ;D

  2. ahahaha epic recap! happy new year, here's to a delicious 2014 WITH MORE FRIED CHICKEN!

  3. Eat all the foods! Happy new year Shan and look forward to reading the rest of your USA posts :P

  4. I fancy a bit of everything! Great recap and I just can't wait for more delicious food in 2014. Happy New Year :D

  5. Happy New Year and many tasty eats for 2014!

  6. great round up of 2013. it's been an adventure with you food, travel and career wise.. but here's to bigger and better (eat)things in 2014. xx

  7. What a wonderful year you've had Shanshan! I'm sure 2014 will be a spectacular one too! Happy New Year! :D

  8. Happy new year Shan! and here's to more delicious foods and Italian date nights in 2014!

  9. Can never get sick of pizza, pasta and fried chicken! Happy New Year, Shan!

  10. Drooling at the copious amounts of food you ate throughout 2013. Looking forward to following your food adventures this year!

  11. so many foodie adventures in 2013! here's to an even more delicious 2014!

  12. I'm a few days late love but Happy New Year :) so glad we were able to catch up last year and it seems like you've had an awesome year! Really hope 2014 is going to be even better filled with more delicious meals! Hope to catch up with you soon! xx

  13. Totally agree with how fast 2013 had passed us by!
    On Christmas day, I was thinking, is it really Christmas?
    On NYE, I was like, is it really the end of 2013? I sort of didn't want the year to end because it meant that another year had passed already without me even noticing :(

    but have a happy new year!!
    Looking forward to more yummy posts from you in 2014!

    - Cassie

  14. Wow! what a tour! I think I'm full already by just looking at the pictures. Burpf! My niece worked at Pizza Paradiso Orlando, pizza are really great and breath taking but not as unique as the pizzas you took. Its been a long time since I last traveled. Thanks! Have a great day.

  15. haha, i love fried chicken too... but you got a cool new year resolution... Seems you had a great start for this new year! Wish you more getaway too!

  16. Well... This 2014 is a new additional thrilling and exciting adventure. Especially if the place we are heading on serves delightful cuisines.