Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oxford Tavern, Petersham

Jamie Thomas has done it again. I welcome you to Oxford Tavern, the newest member to the Drink and Dine group, located up the road from all the Portuguese charcoal chicken joints on New Canterbury Road in Petersham. It is also the first member of the group to be located in the inner west. 

Cheeseburgers - $5

I have always been quite a fan of the pubs/restaurants in the Drink and Dine group. Although I have a couple more to tick off, the food from the ones where I have visited so far such as the CarringtonForrestersHouse of Crabs and the Californian at the Santa Barbara, has never failed to disappoint. Most of the dishes and tapas on the menu may be considered 'pub food' but Jamie Thomas always seems to delivers it with a twist or finds a way to make them taste quite exceptional. 

Left: BBQ Margarita - $16
Right: Sundowner - $16

Ceviche - $15 (price is several servings)

BBQ Pork burger - $18 (mini version, original burger is also served with fries)

Chook San Choy Bow - $15 (price is for several servings)

Crinkle cut chips with guacamole, mustard and mince beef
Basically like nacho's with a twist! 

The ceviche is always a favourite of mine but even more of a favourite when it is served on a shrimp cracker. Extra crispy and a great contrast of texture when you have a smooth piece kingfish that melts in your mouth.

The BBQ pork was also another awesome dish of the night. The pork was tender and flavoursome but the best bit for me, was having the meat with the slaw. I am normally not a huge fan of slaw but for some reason, I always enjoy the version made by Jamie. I think it's the sauce? It just seems to make the main dish taste even better. 

Cheeseburgers - $5

I like buns and I like them big. I am not going to lie. These cheeseburgers were one of the best I have ever had and for 5 bucks, these buns were definitely big. This is a must have for every visit to the Oxford Tavern. One bite into the cheeseburger and instantly, you get a taste of  the mustard, pickle, ketchup and a microsecond later, you can taste the cheese melting right onto the juicy beef patty. Absolutely deerrricious! 

Can't wait to come back for more to eat ALL the buns! 

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Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined as a guest of the Drink and Dine group. 


  1. Such a change from its previous tenancy! lol. That cheeseburger was pretty darn tasty too!

  2. That cheeseburger is definitely pretty badass! Was nice seeing you Shan Shan!

  3. That cheeseburger was definitely kick-ass! Was nice seeing Shan Shan !

  4. i really wish all his ventures were more within reach for me! have heard what a turnaround this place is, cosnidering it's former tenants haha. looks like its a GOOD change!

  5. Cheers guys and thanks again for coming..

  6. BBQ pork burger looks ridonkulous...and $5 cheeseburgers? In there.

  7. The ceviche looks great! Likewise, the BBQ Margarita. :D

  8. Ooh those buns look like shiny perfection!! And I can't wait to try that ceviche.

  9. The cheeseburger is so cheap!! Looks tasty as too :D