Sunday, December 8, 2013

Three Williams Cafe, Redfern

Wow Three Williams Cafe seems to be the place to be these days. This new kid has only been on the block for a month but by 11.45 am on each weekend since it has opened, there is guaranteed to be a 15 to 20 minute wait. It is definitely the new cool kid in town. 

Brioche french toast

Ever since Three Williams Cafe had opened its doors to the public, my instagram feed has been flooded with their dishes. From there, I basically go through the same process every weekend; I start to feel a bit hungry after the first photo is posted. The next photo comes along and my stomach begins to grumble. By the time I scroll to the third, fourth and fifth photo, all I want to do is to lick or eat my screen but that's another story. 

Left: Fish Croquettes served with lemon and aioli - $3 each
Top right: Tripled cooked chips - $6
Bottom right: Sunny egg on toast

The pricing of all their mains were ranged between $14 to $20 which is quite value for money. The fish croquettes were light and fluffy on the inside but what was even better were the tripled cooked chips. These chips were one of the best chips I have ever had, hands freaking down. Super-duperly crunchy on the outside but oh so fluffy on the inside. They were also the right size and were covered in a perfect amount of rock salt. Regardless of the time you show up, the chips are a must order.  

The Merchant - Bacon and egg roll - approx $15

Soft boiled eggs, grilled vegetables, feta and prosciutto

Sunny eggs, grilled tomatoes, sausages, bacon and hash brown - $17

Soft boiled eggs, baked beans, guacamole and toast

The Merchant had a sexy oozy egg yolk and when you combine it with a soft and pillowy brioche bun, you basically get taken to food heaven. The hash brown was extremely crunchy, you could even hear all the crunches as you broke it into smaller parts with your fork. Now that is when you know you have been served a real hash brown. Another winning element was also the guacamole was refreshing and had a good punch of flavours. No wonder this place is so popular. 

Cauliflower salad 

I am someone who dislikes cauliflower. I would usually stand away from it with a ten foot pole but daaayyyyuuummm, the cauliflowers in this salad were so soft and delicious. I wouldn't even call it a cauliflower because that is how good it was. Definitely the best cauliflower I have ever had.

Glazed brisket narnie - $14

Chicken Narnie - approx $14

Fried tempe and pickled vege narnie - approx $14

Okay so my favourite dish has gotta be the narnies. MAN! These narnies were freaking epic!!!! The glazed brisket in particular was out of this world. It was soft, it was tender, it was juicy, it was so freaking delicious to the point I didn't care how messy my hands got because it was so dam worth it. Together with the pickled gherkins, coriander, mayo and coleslaw was what did it for me. I am talking the whole shebang. Even talking about it right now makes me want one so badly. 

Doughnuts and brownies

Finally after an epic feast, it was time for dessert. The brioche french toast was again soft and pillowy. The dollop of greek yoghurt, nuts and season berries gave it a bit of sweetness and sourness which is always a great combination. It reminded me a lot of the Little Lost Bread from Devon Cafe

The giant beetroot coloured doughnuts were quite doughy which is a plus and it was a satisfying way to finish off an awesome brunch session. 

I personally dig this place and I can't wait to come back to eat all the chips and narnies till my stomach explodes and roll out of the cafe again.  

Three Williams on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined as a guest of Three Williams Cafe and Wasamedia


  1. LOVE THIS PLACE!!! The food was soooo good :D

  2. i gotta try that The Merchant - Bacon and egg roll next time

  3. OMG this all looks so's bed time and now I'm starving again.

    The fish croquettes look great but I'm with Simon on the Bacon & Egg roll......I can feel it sliding down right now WAAAAAH!

  4. Followed this on instagram and was in heaven!

  5. Three Williams definitely looks to be flavour of the month and I can see why! Gimme that French toast and those fish croquettes!

  6. OH MY GOD. Everything looks amazing. Can't wait to try them out!

  7. Wow! These must taste delicious

  8. Everything looks fabulous! I love the idea of finishing off a meal with beetroot coloured donuts too :D

  9. so glad to have made it yesterday. best birthday brunch everrrrrrr! thanks for the recs too ;)

  10. Their Narnies are freakin amazing! The chips!!! Errmahgerrd!!!!!!!!! I bet you were in a state if nirvana while munchin on them aye? lol

  11. What a great addition to the neighbourhood! Narnie envy.

  12. LOVE this place. And those doughnuts... *sobs* they look amazing.

    Chips chips chips!!! Mmmm!

  13. OH ... MY ...!!
    I must visit this place soon!!
    Freaking cafes are opening faster than me getting to them!!
    Gosh those narnies look amazing!!!

    - Cassie

  14. Hahah I can see myself in the back of the naarnie pic ;)

    It was a lovely cafe, I really enjoyed it and great review!

    TCFB x

  15. this does look like the place to be, its all over instagram! i must get my hands on that brioche french toast asap!