Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deckhouse Cafe, Woolwich

Located on the foreshore at Woolwich Dock and with waterfront views of the Harbour Bridge is Deckhouse Cafe. The place is visited by many locals and with it being situated in Clarks Point Reserve, it is definitely a hidden gem. 

Rockefeller oysters - $22.5 (half a dozen)

Deckhouse Cafe is part of the same group as the Flying Fish, Dedes Point and Watergrill so with all those names in mind, I was quite excited to check out the food. At the same time, I wasn't too sure what to expect as I have only heard but never tried any of the restaurants in the Dedes group. 

Left: Home baked sourdough mini loaf - $9
Top right: Whole baked rainbow trout - $31
Bottom right: Rockefeller oysters - $22.5 (half a dozen)

The grilled cheese and bacon bits made the oysters a bit heavy on the stomach, especially considering this was my first meal of the day. Heh. There was also some leftover garlic and sorrel bread crumbs but instead of letting all that deliciousness go to waste, I cleaned it all up with some freshly baked sourdough. I could so have this for breakfast every single day.

Chargrilled pork loin - $31
The pork loin was a recommendation by one of the waiters and man, that was one hell of a tender piece of piggie. Despite the slightly steep pricing, every single bite of that pork loin was just as moist as the other. I was craving for chips but restrained as the pork had come potato. Unfortunately the roasted potatoes weren't as fluffy as I had hoped. I also found that the sauce was a bit confusing as it was hard to distinguish the flavours.

Whole baked rainbow trout - $31

The meat on the whole baked rainbow trout was soft and sweet but what made it even sweeter were the tamarind glaze and soy dressing. My favourite bit was having the trout together with the enoki mushrooms that were soaked in the dressing plus a squeeze of the lime; it was refreshing, light and the mushrooms melted in my mouth.

The rainbow trout was definitely value for money as there was a fair enough amount of of meat in that dish. I highly recommend ordering this dish if you are starving like how I was because it sure filled me up real quick.

Can't wait to come back to check out the rest of their menu whilst over looking the bridge. Hopefully next time, I will remember to take a snapshot of the view from the table.

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 Gotta go eat!!


  1. woahhh that trout looks awesome! hehe no dessert?

  2. Looks DELISH! The trout is definitely value for money.

  3. The rainbow trout looks lush! Tamarind and soy sounds like a great combo with the fish!

  4. Shame the flavours of the chargrilled pork loin was confusing but the elements to garnish looks yummy! OH MY, is that a YELLOW CHERRY? Never seen that before.

  5. I think hubby would go straight for the ocean trout! He finds fillets too tiny but a whole fish is more his style :D

  6. Was the whole pork loin dish worth the $31 though? It looks strangely delicious, but I spy chateau potatoes, which I'm extremely wary of.

  7. ooh those cherries are so bright yellow! the trout is huge, looks good

  8. Yum!
    It all looks delicious! I would have absolutely chosen the pork dish and the oyster look so good!

  9. Rockerfeller oysters, the new breakfast food, hehe ;P

  10. It all looks soo good, I think I'll add this to my 2014 to eat list! :P

  11. It all looks sooo good, I think I need to add this to my 2014 to eat list! :P