Sunday, January 12, 2014

Four Friends - Coffee, Chocolate and Tea, Crows Nest

Katze; the owner of Four Friends, a mother of three, a believer in natural and organic produce, a survivor of scleroderma and a person who has been given a second chance at life. During my visit to Four Friends, Katze explains that everyone only has one life and should therefore treat every single day as if it was the last. That is why Katze decided to open up a chocolate, coffee and tea cafe so she can share her love for life through her hand made chocolates. 

The Galaxy Tasting Plate

Shop front of Four Friends

Katze believes that everyone should be allowed to take at least 5 minutes as a time-out for themselves each day. Katze also believes that everyone should also be allowed to treat themselves at least once a week so that is why Katze and her husband have made Four Friends to become a place where people can lounge around as if they were still in their very own home. 

Left: Fràppe Coffee and rose blended tea
Top right: Truffle chocolate ball and a lucky cat filled with popping candy
Bottom right: Mini macarons

One of my favourite pieces of Four Friend's chocolate would definitely have to be the lucky cat. Absolutely loved loved loved the popping candy on the inside, totally unexpected and popping candy always brings back many happy childhood memories. 

The cute mini macarons had a crispy shell and the fillings were not insanely sweet. The tasting plate included a liquorice filled macaron but the flavour of the liquorice was subtle. It was definitely an interesting experience and there was no pulling of horrid facial expressions (like most people's liquorice experience) as it was surprisingly enjoyable to eat. 

The Galaxy Tasting Plate

The tasting plate is a feast for two. It includes a chocolate indulgence, a couple of scones, mini macarons and fruit tarts, roasted almonds covered in cocoa, some healthy strawberries and a selection of hand made chocolate pieces. 

One slice into the chocolate indulgence and out comes flooding a river of chocolate ganache. I should of saved some of the scones to helped wipe up all that oozing chocolate.

The chocolate pieces were rich but even after having a few pieces, it still wasn't sickening. The pieces contained a large amount of cocoa and the artwork on the chocolates were also made from cocoa instead of the edible artificial prints. I like to think of it as 'healthy treats' since cocoa is generally good for you right? 

Strawberries and melted chocolate

I am not the biggest fan of strawberries but this year's season's of strawberries have been incredibly sweet and juicy. Everyone knows that strawberries and chocolate are a match made in heaven but when you get a good batch of strawberries, the combination just becomes even better. 

Top left: Rose blended tea
Top right: Black tea, orange, earl grey and bergmont
Bottom left: Pina colada fruit infusion
Bottom right: Odong, camellia, sinensis, rose and peppermint

I am also a lover of tea, especially Asian and rose based teas. You could definitely taste the rose petals in some of the tea blends above but it wasn't overly fragrant like you may find with some brands. Personally I prefer it when the teas aren't as fragrant because it means they haven't added any artificial scents in them.

After demolishing the galaxy tasting plate with DC, both our stomachs were beyond content and we once again rolled ourselves out the door. Can't wait to come back for more popping lucky cats! 

Four Friends on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined as a guest of Four Friends - Coffee, Chocolate and Tea and Polkdadot PR.


  1. Aww everything looks so pretty and delicious!

  2. Sounds like there's something for everyone here! And such an inspiring too behind the cafe too.

  3. How cute! It's not too far from work, I'll have to pop in at some point.

  4. what a lovely philosophy! gosh and so many sweets!

  5. Good strawberries are heaven with chocolate I agree! And the lucky cat chocolate is so cute :D

  6. Strawberries and chocolate are simply meant to be :D

  7. So much chocolate kawaii!!!! hahaha i was suppose to go here earlier this month as so keen to try their macarons.