Sunday, January 5, 2014

House of Crabs, Surry Hills


I thought it would be most appropriate to start off the year with one of my favourite restaurants, House of Crabs, located right above Norfolk in Surry Hills. I was really devastated when I didn't get a chance to try the Boiling Crab during my time in the States last year but devo no more after Jamie Thomas announced that House of Crabs was going to join the Drink and Dine group. 

Top left: Little neck clams in criental sauce - $20
Top and bottom right: Snow crab in cajun sauce - $34
Bottom left: Prawns in cajun sauce - $25

So what exactly is the whole concept of the boil? Think of seafood being cooked then dunked into a bag and finally drowned in your choice of sauce such as Cajun, Mexican, Oriental and lemon pepper. This isn't a meal for the posh princess, it is only for those that are interested in the real deal - gloves, bibs, butcher paper as your 'plate' and sauces over parts of your face. 

Cocktail served in a fish bubble - $25
Recommended for two to three people

Top left: Cajun popcorn
Bottom left: Fried chicken burger (small sample size) - $18
Bottom centre: ceviche (small sample size) - $16
Bottom right: Buffalo cucumber (small sample size) - $5

The cajun popcorn is complimentary and it is really really really hard to stop nibbling on them before all the food comes out. The buffalo cucumbers are refreshing especially when you having them in between the boils. I am not a lover of cheese but if you are then you will love these cucumbers as are they are covered in blue cheese. 

Crab, black bean and chorizo balls - $15

Lobster gravy fries - $12

House of crabs's bar and decor

One of my favourite snacks on the menu is the crab, black bean and chorizo ball as they aren't as oily or heavy as your typical Italian arancini balls (not that they are the exact same thing). The lobster gravy fries are strangely addictive especially with the melted stringy cheese. You can definitely smell the lobster through the gravy but not so much taste wise. I thought the lobster fries would be my favourite but the chorizo balls were just unexpectedly tasty. 

Snow Crab in cajun sauce - $34 for 500 grams

Last but not least are the boils. I tried the snow crab in the cajun sauce at the launch and it was amazing.   Second time I returned and the snow crab was just as magical as I had remembered it to be. The meat was soft, sweet and all sorts of deliciousness. The cajun sauce is slightly salty but the subtle spiciness in it lures you in for more. 

I chose to have the little neck clams with the oriental sauce and man, that is one freaking awesome sauce. It was sweet but not overly salty. The best part about it (as well as the other boils) is that when you finish the meat, you can dunk the bread into the bag to soak ALL the sauce. It's bad to waste food and sauce can be considered as 'food' right? 

Also, you might think that 500 grams in a boil might not sound like much given that the shells take up quite a bit of weight but there is more meat in there than you think. I went with another two girls and we ordered 3 boils plus two snacks and we were bloated by the end of the night so don't be fooled to think that 500 grams is a measly portion size. 

The aftermath..

And of course, the post would not be complete without a snap shot of the aftermath..

Overall, it was a very satisfying meal esp after rolling out the door with an exploding belly. Can't wait to come back for more and roll out that door again! 

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Oh man!! I still gotta try this joint. Hello lobster fries!!!!

  2. mmm house of crabs is awesome and lol i want to drink the fish bowl by myself

  3. so much that i wanna try from the boil that i wouldn't know where to start. the lobster fries look tempting as well

  4. OH M GEE! I want to try everything. Wooo...lobster gravy fries you say? YUMMMM

  5. lol love your jazz hands! Always a rollicking good time getting down and dirty with a crab boil! Next time you gotta try their fried chicken with watermelon!

  6. def a place to get down and dirty... have yet to make a return visit! I think I just have way too much expectation from the boiling crab in the states.. :S

  7. melted stringy cheese :D that has my name written all over it! man I need to go back to try more menu items!

  8. You look like you had so much fun! So much delicious looking food :D

  9. those lobster fries look so good, have been meaning to try this place for ages!

  10. Those are some great look crabs and lobster fries (mmmm . . lobster fries)!

  11. Ah I've been dying to visit this place! How can you say no to boiled crab with lotsa sauce? :D

  12. I NEED to try this place. You're not the first person to say that the lobster fries were underwhelming. I love all your facial expressions in all your pics! So cute