Sunday, February 9, 2014

Around Canada we go - Part 1

So yes I am a tad overdue with my post about my trip to the States and Canada but nevertheless, here it is. As I crossed the border between the States and Canada, I arrived at my very first stop, Niagara Falls in Ontario. You don't need to see the falls to know that you are there as you can hear the pounding sounds of the water from a block or two away. 

View of Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower

Part of the Nigara Falls from day to night

Niagara falls is one of those places that is equally as breathtaking regardless of what time of the day it is. Without a doubt, it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. 

Niagara Falls whilst being on the Maid of the Mist Tour

The falls at night

Okay I know my shots of the falls aren't anywhere close to being great but I really wanted to show you how freaking epic the Maid of the Mist was. It was pretty much impossible to get a shot or even a video when you are right next to the falls. Even when I was meters away from the fall, my DSLR and phone were absolutely drenched. Regardless, it was such an unforgettable experience. Tip: make sure you wear thongs when boarding the Maid of the Mist because even with a poncho on, your shoes and part of your pants are guaranteed to be soaked. 

View from the Skylon Tower

Salmon with roasted vegetables

Being all touristy and all, lunch was at the Skylon Tower. The salmon was surprisingly cooked really well - it wasn't overcooked as I had expected it to be. But I wasn't there for the food, it was all about the view. Like the Sydney Tower we have, the Skylon Tower also rotates 360 degrees and with limited time, it was a great way to see Ontario and the boarder. It was also a very relaxing way to check out the falls as you couldn't hear the ongoing pounding sounds of the falls. 

Mini Vegas in Ontario

Part of Ontario has been set up as a mini Vegas. I personally didn't like this whole "Vegas wanna be" set out as I thought it kind of ruined the beauty of the fall, especially if you are looking at it from the side of the States. The last thing you want in the background of gorgeous fall is a mini Vegas in. Don't get me wrong, it was something extra to see but I thought it would of been better if the strip was filled with more restaurants and cafes. 

Market 707 - Shipping Container Market

Market 707 - Shipping Container Market
Bottom Right: Hotdog on rice - 3 CAD
After Ontario, I had a quick visit to Toronto. There really isn't that much to do or see in Toronto but before going, I discovered that there was a Shipping Container Market which is approximately a 10 or so minute walk from Toronto's Chinatown. These urban markets are very hipster but I thought it was probably the most unique thing about Toronto. 

There were deep fried crepes and twinkles, tacos, Japanese curries, hot dogs on rice and so forth. I went for the hot dogs on rice and it tasted like eating a chicken katsu meal except replace the chicken with a sausage because esssentially that is what it is. Unfortunately it didn't taste as exciting as what I had hoped. 

CN Tower 
Finally a trip Canada isn't complete without a visit to the CN Tower, the world's tallest free standing tower and man what a view it was from up there.

Stayed tuned for part two of my trip around Canada. Hellooo Montreal!

Gotta go eat!


  1. Niagara Falls is crazy impressive isn't it. It was too frozen when we went so the Maid of the Mist wasn't running, but given your SLR got soaked, perhaps it was just as well! lol

  2. Niagara falls looks crazy beautiful! Can't wait to visit Canada. Sadness about your dslr & phone getting drenched :(

  3. wow niagara falls look so amazing! am heaps travel envy atm!

  4. amazing it's so beautiful! my bro took heaps of photos and videos when he was there; i really must go soon!

  5. the photos looked amazing. my relos in Canada live in Calgary though but would love to go to Nigara Falls one day.

  6. WOW!
    The water is so powerful! I can't imagine anyone voluntarily going over the falls :0.
    I really do have to take a trip.

    You make me want to just pick and leave!!

    - Cassie

  8. Dear Shanshan,

    That shot of the Falls from Skylon Tower is absolutely brilliant. I wonder how much would real estate with a view like that be worth.