Saturday, March 1, 2014

Around Canada we go - Part 2

After my trip to Niagra Falls and Toronto, I took a trip up north to Quebec City.  The city of the French, along with their amazing hot dogs, pastries and my hunky red soldiers. Need I say anymore? 

View from La Citidelle

Before arriving in Quebec City, I made a side stop at the Thousand Island, a river filled with over 1,800 or so islands. One for you... another one for you... and 1,798 for me. Most of these islands on the St. Lawrence River were established as people's holiday houses. I think I saw a few unoccupied ones remaining so better shot gun one before it is too late.  Some others like to go to the full extreme and build a castle of their very own.. as you would. 

One of the thousand or so islands

Oh hello La Citidelle

After the Thousand Island cruise, it was back on the road. A few hours later, I finally arrived in Quebec City and first stop was La Citidelle. This military base is filled with so much history and so many hunky red soldiers marching around. Oh hello handsome ones.

View from La Citidelle

View from La Citidelle overlooking the St. Lawrence River

The view from La Citidelle within the military base was absolutely amazing. On one hill you could see the entire city but from another hill, you could overlook the St. Lawrence River. When I visited La Citidelle, it was autumn so it was slightly chilli and it was so nice to breathe in the crisp air. It is definitely a "must go" place when you are in Canada. 


When in Quebec City, I discovered one of my favourite dishes. We all now that my love for chips is about 10+++ on the richter scale but when you add gravy and cheese, my love quadtriples and goes off the charts. Let me introduce you to a dish called poutine. It is exactly as good as you think it is and even better on a cold day. There are loads and loads of awesomeness in this dish. It is a pretty heavy dish so don't be greedy like me and order it all to yourself because it is quite difficult to stomach the entire thing on your own.

Yvailo's Super Dog

Italian Spicy hot dog 

Yvailo's Super Dog's stall 

Montreal Parliament building 

Another thing I discovered was Yvailo's hot dog, located on rue MetCalfe Street in Montreal (right opposite Montreal's parliament building). One bite into their hot dogs and my mind was like, "BOOM. GET OUT MAN. Seriously just get out". It was by far the best hot dog I have ever had in my entire life. The quality of the sausage was really juicy and packed of flavour. Add as much garnishes as you want to make it even more flavoursome. And as written on the menu, it was meant to be spicy and dayumm, there was definitely a kick to it. Yvailo absolutely did not fail to disappoint.

Streets of Quebec City

Pastries from Baguette and Chocolat (36 Côte de la Fabrique QC)

The streets of Quebec City reminded me so much of Europe. The people, the buildings, the alley ways, the culture and the vibe. Their pastries were seriously to die for. So flakey, so buttery and you could hear how crispy every bite was. Quebec City was definitely one of the highlights of my trip and a province I would definitely revisit. 

BRB Canada

And that is the end of my trip to Canada. Stay tuned peeps as I venture back down to the States.

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. Dear Shanshan,

    Canada is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I would love to spend a month in that castle playing zombie hide and seek. Nice selfie, girl you sure can jump high!

  2. beautiful pics! the poutine sounds so good! don't know if I could stomach a whole one to myself though haha

  3. OmG that poutine! And love the architecture! So jealous of this trip.

  4. Just like my homeland Kiama that has many must to see attraction and full of exciting activities to do, Canada is really a great destination for a traveler like me. It holds many impressive architectures, great places to venture and yummy foods to taste.

  5. Gorgeous scenery and woo that Italian spicy hot dog looks so dame good!

  6. POUTINE!!! Canada is on my visit wish list, one day, le sigh.