Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Food Trucks United, Sydney

So remember a couple of years ago when food trucks began to appear around Sydney and over time it got more and more popular? Well peeps, prepare yourself because most of the food trucks which you have seen over time will now be uniting together at Belmore Park in Haymarket on the first Friday of each month. Booyeah! 

Street Fest - Food Truck United including Cantina Mobil (bottom centre) and Bar Coco (bottom right)

Food Trucks united 

There were so many food trucks at the Street Fest - there were some old faces such as Street Sliders, Tsuru, Cantina Mobil, Eat Art Truck and Agape Organic. There were also a few new food trucks which I haven't came across before such as a Jaffles food truck *insert twenty necessary exclamation marks*. 
Agapé Organic

Top left: The Sauerkraut Sisters
Top right: Jafe Jaffles
Bottom left: Crane Juice
Centre bottom: Tsuru
Bottom right: AlCarbon

The festival starts at 5 pm so it is probably a good idea to get there before 6 to avoid the queues and finding a spot at the park. Hopefully it won't rain this upcoming Friday or else we may need to ask Mother Nature to hold her tank for at least the evening. There are also a few other street food stalls to add variety to the festival. 

Three choice of sliders (beef pattie, calamari and chicken fillet) + chips from Street Sliders: $18

Buns from Tsuru - I love these types of buns! 

Wagyu hot dog from AgapĂ© Organic - $9.50 approx

The three sliders with chips from Street Sliders was probably the most expensive item I saw that evening however it was very filling despite its size. Miss M and I shared the sliders and hot dog. Oh man, we were so full that we actually struggled to finished. Unfortunately, we were so bloated that we couldn't even fit in dessert. 

The calamari was my favourite. It was covered with loads of sauce but the beef and chicken weren't very far off either as the meat were juicy. The veggies in the sliders made me feel less guilty and made them more refreshing. The chips weren't as crunchy as I had hoped for and it needed a bit more salt but the soft pillowy buns made up for it. 

My photo of the wagyu hot dog absolutely doesn't do it any justice but trust me, it tastes better than it looks. This was the first time I had chimichurri in a hot dog and I must say, it gives it a really good twist, especially with the red beans. There was a lot of sauce covering the hot dog which made the bread slightly soggy and I personally would of preferred it with melted cheese but with all those flavours going on, it was still a pretty dam good hot dog. 

Gaymer ciders

I think when it comes to Cider, you either love it or you don't. I love my cider and was recently introduced to this new brand, Gaymers. These ciders are fruit and sweet. They remind me a lot like Rekorderlig, probably a bit too sweet for my liking. But if you love Rekorderlig, then you will love these new Gaymers. 

Overall, Food Trucks United was a fun night out though this time I might need to grow a bigger stomach so I can take on Attempt Number 2 to grab dessert from Jafe Jaffles

Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion attended Food Trucks United as a guest of Street Fest 


  1. I still need to try Agape! Wagyu hotdog looks boss!

  2. going there again this friday. looking forward to trying more food there :)

  3. good does the Wagyu Hotdog look? Good timing.....May head down on Friday.

  4. What a great event! Thanks for letting us know. There's just something so raw and great about food truck food - no fuss and pure enjoyment.

  5. Street Feast is really an amazing events to witness! Even I am at Kiama Australia, i love to go there when the event was held.

  6. I deliberately avoided the sliders last time! But if they really are that filling, then splitting it three ways seems worth it. Time for visit #2.

  7. Good variety of eats, huh? I haven't tried those ciders, I'm not a fan of sweet ciders either but would give them a shot with a splash of sparkling water and plenty of ice.

  8. I had no idea this event was on and now I kind of regret not going! Looks awesome.

  9. Street Feast... ? Nice foods can be bought there during the feast.. I used to fly from NOwra to Sydney to witness such great feast.