Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quincy Markets, Boston

So after my trip to Canada, I headed back down to the States and first stop was the Quincy Markets in Boston. Man... Quincy Markets was the definition of food heaven. I had to take 5 just to let my brain progress it all in. 

On your left were trays and trays of shrimp plus huge stashes of lobster meat while on your right were endless amounts of confectionary. I cannot describe how delicious everything looked. 

Trays of shrimp and lobster rolls

Scoops of ice cream, decorated toffee apples and extra large waffles covered in all sorts of deliciousness

As I was walking through Quincy Markets, I felt like the happiest kid alive. This fat kid wanted her cake and this fat kid for her cake and ate it.

I wanted to try every single thing I saw. Giant face sized cookies, rows of confectionary and chocolates, stashes of grilled seafood, bucket loads of chowder and trays of different cupcakes and muffins. My mission was to fit in as much as possible. *Pumps out chest and clenches fists* 

Shrimp in tomato relish

Half a dozen shrimps with tomato relish and lemon

These babies were huge and after squeezing a few drops of lemon and dunking it into the tomato relish, they were quite flavoursome (although, still not as juicy as the ones in Australia). As you can see, there was a lot of meat in these babies and it was definitely an excellent start to my 4 course breakfast. 

Seafood Chowder 

Next up was of course the chowder. No way could I have left the States without trying chowder. So for those that haven't heard of 'chowder', it is essentially a milky / creamy seafood stew. A perfect dish to have on a winter morning along side with some freshly baked bread. MmmmmmmMmmmmmmmm

It was the first chowder I have ever had so I wasn't able to compare but it tasted pretty good to me. I was worried about feeling sick from the creaminess which is why I only got a small portion. One spoonful of the stew and all the seafood flavours exploded in my mouth. It was rich but it was one of the most comforting dishes I had during my time in the States. 

Pulled pork burger with fries

Another thing I couldn't leave the markets without trying was a pulled pork burger but to my disappointment, it wasn't as good as I had imagined it to be. The pork was soft and tender but I wished it was served on a better bun and covered in a lot more sauce to make it not so dry. If my burger was drenched in a ladles and ladles of sauce then that it would of been amazeballs. 

And yes, by this stage I was feeling pretty dam stuffed but someway or another, I had to fit in dessert. 

My giant but oh so pretty toffee apple =D 

So for dessert, I strategically decided to takeaway one of those giant decorated toffee apples. It was also way too early for ice cream. My eyes immediately beamed when I saw those giant toffee apples sitting there oh so innocently. It was fun to eat all the decorations but I seriously could not stomach it all. Thank gosh there were people to share it with.

More sugary goodness

Rows of lollies and other confectionaries

Faced sized cookies

Trays of baked goods 

More baked goodies

So if you are ever in Boston, I really wish you do yourself a favour and make a visit to the Quincy Markets. Whilst it is a super touristy hot spot, it was truly the closest I have ever been to 'food heaven' within a space of couple of hours. An absolutely unforgettable experience. 

Gotta go eat!!


  1. We headed to this place when we were in town and didn't hang around for too long. Aside from the food places that looked decent enough, the rest put me off a bit. Talk about a tourist hot-spot!

  2. YUM! Everything looks amazing! Whenever I hear chowder, I think of that Simpsons episode with the french waiter haha

  3. :D omg that first picture looks so freaking awesome! IWANTITALL. and the pulled pork burger!!

  4. I LOVED Quincy market, my friend always tells me I picked poorly there as I got overwhelmed by the food. I had a chicken sardie and she had the best mac and cheese with bacon I had ever had. This post just makes me want to go back now!

    FoodNerd x

  5. Yum! I love how you gave us a measure we could all relate to-face sized cookies! Those toffee apples look humongous! :o

  6. Omg I want to eat it all too!! I wish we all had bigger stomachs to fit in more food :(

  7. My oh my, that's a lot of SWEETS ! Those giant toffee apples look like edible disco balls :P

  8. Man, I have always wanted to try chowder!!
    Will def make it a try when I am over in the States because it sounds amazing!
    Shame on the pulled pork though :(