Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mr Moustache, Bondi

Mexican restaurants are sure hitting all over Sydney these days. One of the latest kids in town is Mr Moustache located amongst the restaurants and cafes on Hall Street in Bondi Beach. I love how hearty Mexican food is but Mr Moustache adds a slight twist to it by making things taste lighter and healthier. Mr Moustache also has the largest collection of mezcal (which is basically like tequila from another mother) in Australia. Healthier Mexican food + endless amounts of mezcal pretty much offset each other right? heh 

Corn off the cob topped with mayo, fresco cheese and chili powder - $7 each

Drink all the Mexican soda, cocktails and mezcal (bottom right)

The first thing I noticed about the dishes at Mr Moustache was how vibrant all the colours were. Everything looked and tasted so fresh. 

Vegetable sticks with piquin chilli power and chamoy sauce

Guacamole with corn and beetroot chips - $13

The chamoy sauce with the vegetable sticks had an acquired taste, almost like those asian preserved plums. I enjoyed it because of the sourness and slight tinge of spiciness but this might not be a dish for everyone. The beetroot chips on the other hand were light, crunchy and extremely addictive. I could easily smash out an entire bowl of those beetroot chips myself. 

Sashimi scallop, coriander, chilli, lemon juice and cucumber  - $13

Sashimi scallop, coriander, chilli, lemon juice and cucumber  - $13

The scallop aguachile was light and fresh. The crackers helped added another texture to the dish and all the items in the dish were well balanced. I only wished it had more coriander and a slightly thicker slices of scallop. 

Quinoa salad cups served in a tortilla basket - $9

Quinoa might not be the most exciting to eat out there but this cup of quinoa was surprisingly really good. The cucumber, tomato, beans, corn and their awesome guacamole gave it loads of flavour and the tortilla basket again, added another texture to the dish. I definitely recommend ordering this dish if you are paying Mr Moustache a visit. 

Corn off the cob topped with mayo, fresco cheese and chilli powder - $7 each

Another favourite of mine was definitely the corn off the cob. I loved the way it was served, definitely served in a way I've never seen before. Firstly, I was under the impression it was a cold dish but it was actually served warm. Secondly, the dash of lime, chilli power and the light fresco cheese melted so heavenly in your mouth. Finally, the sweetness of the corn leaves you with a pleasant after taste. The pricing of the corn off the cob is slightly steep but it is unbelievably tasty. 

Mini lamb burger with beetroot chips - $11

Prawn ceviche - $15

Fresh marinated albacore tuna, cucumber and avocado - $15

Refried beans, spicy duck, onion and sour cream - $15

Despite each of the tostaditas all had the same crunchy base, they were all still different in their own way. The prawn and the tuna ones were refreshing while the spicy duck had a good kick to it. For $15, I would of preferred if they there was an extra serving or instead, made slightly bigger. Nevertheless, I appreciated how the tortilla base were big enough to hold all the toppings without it falling but at the same time, they were still bite size pieces which made it really easy to eat. A ceviche can get quite messy to eat if they aren't stacked properly and it ain't fun when that happens - trust me on this one. 

Beef meatballs with chipotle, salsa, parmesan cheese and coriander  - $9

Beer-battered fish tacos (soft) - $7 each 

Gringo taco - wagyu beef and bacon with melted cheese in a flour tortilla -  $7 each

Onto the slightly more heavier items on the menu were the meatballs and flour tortillas. The meatballs and the gringo taco are perfect for winter; so flavoursome, warm and hearty. The meatballs might seem to be a smallish serving but it comes with four flour tortillas so it is more filling than it looks. I liked the salsa and chipotle as it gave a punch load of flavours and made it seem almost like a mini stew. 

As a meat lover, I loved how there was both wagyu beef anddddd bacon in the one dish plus melted cheese. I am not a huge fan of cheese but a fair amount of melted cheese over meat, especially wagyu beef, will automatically placed a spot in my heart. 

Caramelised banana with coffee liquor and vanilla ice cream - $11

Chilli chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream - $10

Guava creme brulee - $9

Last but not least were the desserts. I was beyond full by this stage, I wasn't even sure how the heck I was going to fit in dessert but as they say with a will, there is a way. All three desserts were good but the caramelised banana so was intense that I just kept going back for more and this is coming from someone who dislikes bananas. It definitely wasn't the most visually appealing dish but it was my favourite dessert out of the three. 

The guava creme brulee was interesting and yes, it did have the crack that everyone was anticipating for. In a way, the guava kind of reminded me of the snow egg at Quay. For those that don't have a sweet tooth then this might be your preferred dessert as it was definitely the lighter and less sweeter of the desserts. 

Overall, I quite enjoyed Mr Moustache. The pricing of the dishes are slightly steeper but I guess that is considered to be the average pricing when you are in Bondi. Despite how full I was, I did notice that when I walked out, I didn't feel bloated or gluggy from all the food because of how light the dishes were. Can't wait to come back for more corn off the cob and some mezcal! 

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Gotta go eat!! 

Food is our religion dined as a guest of Mr Moustache with compliments to Wasamedia


  1. No corn kernels stuck in your teeth here! Love the preso of the beef meatballs too.

  2. I almost went to Mr Moustache yesterday, funny enough. The ratio of bread to burger patty looks a little off whack with the mini burger. Still, it all looks pretty good.

  3. shotgun the corn off the cob and the brownie!

  4. That glass got me too!!! The corn totally looks like a cold dish. Kudos to them for using a flavour like guava for a classic like créme brulée.

  5. What I like most about Mexican food is the way they make their dishes refreshing. They use fresh fruits, veggies, spices all the time. Great pics you got there! Made me drool in an instant!

    Gourmet Getaways

  6. Awesome pics Shanshan! This place is looking really solid, now to muster up the courage to trek it there.

  7. Dear Shanshan,

    I'm not shallow but I will eat Mexican food only because I like Salma Hayek.

  8. Mr Moustache, Bondi seems to be a dining place,,, I want to eat here soon.

  9. Always up for Mexican food! The snacks look like perfect bite sized morsels :D

  10. Chilli chocolate brownie sounds fantastic for me! :D

  11. Another Mexican place to be added to my list! The pictures are gorgeous! :)

  12. Wow great photos! All the food looks so delicious and fresh

  13. Everything looks amazing!!
    Oh my, a cheaper alternative for when you need a little snow egg pick me up!?
    I'm so there!! :D

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