Sunday, July 27, 2014

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

So Devon Cafe, one of my favourite brunch spots in Sydney, have recently launched a dinner menu. The menu and set up itself is quite different to its brunch sessions as it is mostly a chance for chef, Zachary Tan, to show off his Malaysian skills with a touch of French. As soon as I walked to the back of the restaurant, I barely recognised the place. Dimmed lighting with fairy lights and sweet smelling candles then came the food… 

Lobster roll 

To start, there was the yellowfin tuna sashimi and prawn and scallop wontons. 

Yellowfin tuna sashimi with avocado, tomato jelly, ikura and chives - $16

Prawn and scallop wonton - aka scallop and prawn ceviche - $16

Prawn and scallop wonton 

When the sashimi first came out, I thought it was actually green dollops around the tuna was wasabi but instead it was avocado and the white jelly was the tomato jelly. Despite the colour of the jelly, the tomato was subtle and complimented the sashimi together with the creaminess of the avocado. Silence surrounded the table as everyone were enjoying their mouth melting moment of that sashimi. 

The ceviche as refreshing as always and the size of the "wonton" that sat perfectly on the palm of my hand. I am not the biggest fan of ginger but the soft ginger along with the papaya worked well together. It is always a challenge when having ceviche because it is like a battle between you and the cracker. Will you win by being to eat it mess free or it will start dripping all over your fingers for you to admit defeat. 

Lobster roll - $15

So here it is. The hero dish of the night. The one and only lobster roll which everyone was waiting for. As you know, lobster isn't cheap in Sydney (or Australia alone) so it is was expected for the price to be slightly steeper than the rest of the other dishes. Each roll is weighed to ensure that there is 50 grams of  good quality lobster meat in each and every one of them. The lobster meat was sweet and fresh. Together with the kewpie mayo and the heavenly bun was what did it for me. Every bite was as dam good as the next. Absolutely bloody freaking delicious. I could eat this all day, every day.

Chinese egg custard with truffles - $28

This was such a pretty dish. I couldn't start eating it because I was too scared to break into it and ruin all this beautiful artwork. The egg custard was oh so silky smooth and the Chinese doughnut were insanely crunchy.The crunching of the doughnuts took me back to my childhood days where if I was good little girl, my parents would reward me with a Chinese doughnut to go with my congee.

I was impressed by the generous amount of shaved truffles in that dish, especially for 28 bucks. I also thought that the truffles itself gave your traditional Chinese egg custard a bit more of a modern twist which made things more different. This is definitely a must have dish.

Short beef ribs - $28

Another favourite of mine was surprisingly the short beef ribs. It isn't something I would normally order mostly because it is a dish that is cooked regularly by the mothership. The marinated meat on these ribs were juicy and sweet but the best part was that you didn't really need to slice the meat off the bone because it almost fell off the bone itself. Now that's a sign of a dam good batch of short ribs.

Fried chicken with go chujang and peanut sauce - $15

Who can ever say no to fried chicken. The coating on the skin of the chicken were super crunchy and that chujang and peanut sauce can be quite deadly. I have grown to like my chili over the past few years so when people say it is "chili", I expect for it to light a fire in my mouth and dayum, that chili sauce definitely delivered to my expectations.

Char grilled corn - $4 each

The char grilled corn was the most interesting and unique dish of the night. I would never have thought that coffee and corn would ever work hand in hand but surprisingly, it works. The coffee gave it a nice aroma in the air whilst the baby corns tasted sweet and easy to pick to eat. 

Tarmarind chili popsicles - $5 each

Last but not least are the tarmarind chili popsicles. These popsicles have an acquired taste - imagine a preserved salty and sour plum, like the ones you find in a packet sold at the Asian grocery stores. It has an acquired taste so this probably isn't for everyone, especially in winter. But if you love your preserved Asian plums, then you would definitely love this.

Overall, the dishes all tasted great and some were quite creative. Pricing is probably a bit steep even for dinner and I would of liked to see slightly bigger portions. But hey, you definitely do get quality dishes. I can't wait to come back for more lobster rolls and egg custards showered in shaved truffles. 

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Gotta go eat!!

Food is our religion dined as a guest with compliments to Devon Cafe and Wasamedia.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your experience at Devon. I'm somewhat regretting not getting the mushroom egg custard, but what can you do, eh?

    By the way, a gentle fyi - the miso grilled baby corn is $4 each, not $5.

  2. Man, my banquet menu was so different from what you guys had. Definitely agree with you about the popsicles, my tastebuds were so confused as to what was going on.

  3. Yum, these beef ribs look delicious! I haven't had tamarind in a long while so wouldn't even remember how it should taste!

  4. I'm truly a lobster roll fan now, thanks to Devon and how good was the Chinese egg custard with truffles? Wouldn't mind having that on my own for next time :P

  5. Aww you didn't get to try the guava dessert - it was amazing! But totally agree with you on the beef ribs, I loved them so much!

  6. Truffle on anything makes it taste so good hehe!

  7. That egg custard is like a work of art!

  8. Oh wow! Now I want that egg custard with truffles hmmm...And the short beef ribs look really tasty!

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  9. Dear Shanshan,

    I had a lobster roll at Supernormal in Melbourne and it was awesome too. I've read some mixed reviews about their evening degustation though.

  10. Ooh! Tamarind chilli popsicles? Yes please!!

  11. Been wanting to try those lobster rolls! Those ribs do look and sound like a good batch of ribs!