Sunday, July 13, 2014

Papi Chulo, Manly

So ever since Merivale brought out Papi Chulo, my instagram feed has been flooded with photos of their beef brisket, burgers, curly fries and more beef brisket. I would salivate in front of my screen at each and every single one of those photos. I really couldn't care less how much of a trek it was to get to Manly, momma had to be there and eat ALL the meats. Ladies, if you aren't a big eater, I would recommend going with a few blokes that can help polish up those plates because despite the photos, because your stomach is going to be in for one hell of a feast. 

BBQ meat platter - serves 2 to 4 - $86
Top left: chopped pork belly
Top right: lamb ribs
Bottom left: Chopped pork
Bottom right: Wagyu beef brisket

I've been twice, both times were with two large groups, annndddd I have yet to check out everything on their entire menu. So peeps, bring your A game so you can try everything.

The restaurant is located smack bang next to the ferry wharf in Manly so on a sunny day, lunch at Papi Chulo can be glorious. 

Left: Peanut butter milkshake and tropical shake
Top right: Iced tea
Bottom right: Pea guacamole with tortilla chips - $14

This was the first time I had tried pea guacamole and it was definitely not your average guacamole. The avocado was silky smooth but it was the pea and the fried spring onions that made it a bit different. Together with the super crunchy salted tortilla chips tasted just heavenly and that was just the start. 

Smoked hot wings with comeback sauce - $16

Their smoked hot wings was probably the highlight for me. These babies were the bomb dig-digity. When I first bit into the wings, it instantly reminded me of the hot wings I had whilst being in the States last year. It had a serious smokey flavour going, the skin was crunchy and the meat was juicy with a slight kick but best of all was that sauce. that sauce. I could honestly have that sauce with almost anything.  They actually give you a generous amount of sauce, more than enough for the wings, so make sure you save it to the side to have with your fries. 

BBQ meat platter - $86

Aww yeah baby. It was time for the hero dish of the day to arrive. Hello Mr Sexy Back lamb ribs, beef brisket, pork and pork belly, come to me. The beef brisket was freaking amazing. So tender, juicy, fatty and smokey but not too smokey to the point where it is so in your face. The edges were also well caramelised which made the beef slightly even more sweet. I personally though the pork and pork belly were also good but nothing special. The lamb ribs though were so tender, juicy and smothered in so much of their bbq sauce. So finger licking good. You honestly can't leave until you have tried their lamb ribs and beef brisket. 

Roast cauliflower, romesco, parmesan and brown butter crumbs - $15 

I am not the biggest fan of cauliflower, I actually think it is my least favourite vegetable but daaayumm, that cauliflower was epic. From the picture, it looks like it was boring roasted cauliflowers that were showered in endless amounts of parmesan but surprisingly, the romesco and buttered crumbs gave the dish so much flavour. Another one of my favourites, so much that I ordered it again when I came back the second time. 

Papi Chulo burger - $18

I hearted this particular burger. The bacon, grain fed beef and American cheese was such a classic combination. You honestly can't go wrong. I am not much of a burger person, it is one of those things that depends on my mood but it was definitely one of the best burgers I have had in Sydney. 

Smoked pork cuban sandwich - $18
The bbq sauce in this sandwich / toasted baguette is what did it for me. Sweet and flavoursome. Together with the melted cheese and mustard mayo made it taste so freaking awesome. I also loved the combination of the sandwich with their pickles. It helped give it some extra crunch and the sourness from the pickle cut through the flavours of the bbq sauce. 

Potatoes and gravy - $17

Curly fries - $9

The potato and gravy came out much more swanky than expected. I thought the roasted potatoes would come out in a basket with the marrow and gravy sitting on the side but no, the potatoes looked so luxe! The best part of that dish was getting one of the roasted potatoes and dipping into the huge chunk of marrow. So intense but so good. 

Warm chocolate chip cookie, vanilla malt ice cream and butterscotch sauce - $14

Pear and rhubarb cobbler, ginger crumble, creme anglaise, orange and ginger ice cream - $14

Banana split - $14

By this stage, everyone on the table were beyond stuffed but we still ordered all the dessert as you do. The pear and rhubarb cobbler was a light dessert and the sourness of the raspberries helped balanced out all the sweetness in the ice cream. It was exactly what our stomachs needed after a feasting fit for a king. 

The warm chocolate chip cookie was as rich as it looks but it was sooooo freaking addictive. I loved how the cookie was so chewy and there bits of melting chocolate oozing right out. To top it all off, the richness from the butterscotch sauce made it taste warm and hearty. Enough for everyone's stomach to come reaching back for more. 

Eat ALL the food

With so many epic and hearty eats, I can't wait to come back to for Round III of the food coma series and hopefully one day, to try everything on that entire menu.

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Brisket! Bone Marrow! Cauliflower! WANT IT ALLLLLL!

  2. "I hearted this burger" LOL I hearted it too so much hahaha one of my favourite joints in Sydney and the wagyu brisket is AMAZE! Awesome write up dude.

  3. That bone marrow! Oh gawd it was so delicious.

  4. ba-da-boom!
    I need to go back and try their burgers and the peanut butter shake thing! OMG ... and that damn cookie!!

  5. omg the cauliflower with the fluffy cheese was amazing! this post just reminded me how badly i want to go back now and it's making me hungryyyy

  6. This place looks fab, and I need to stop looking at all the Instagram postings! It's doing no wonders for my appetite :(

  7. must go back for that bone marrow and cuban sandwich!

  8. I heard the barbecue platter is really good here :). From the looks of it, I think I am now convinced. And the warm chocolate chip with ice cream ahhh...

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  9. I wet and didn't even try the cauliflower. Still regretting it to this day! And yes, how good is that comeback sauce??

  10. Dear Shanshan,

    We loved the BBQ crabs though we didn't order many of the dishes you had. Will have to try their brisket next time.

  11. I never regretted to visit and dine at Pappi Cholo... I have tasted superb foods and nice treat. I love the burger the most.