Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monthly catch up's - July 2014 + giveaway

So here we are, at the end of another month and finally into the second half of the year. This month, it is going to be about ticking off another brunch spot in the inner west, ribs and burgers, getting our drinkies on anddddd a give-away. 

Full rack of pork Ribs from Ribs and Burgers

First up is a brunch spot which have been dying to check out for a very long time, especially as I have heard so many great things about their big breakfast pan and coffee. Located in Annandale is Revolver Cafe that is hidden away from all the hustle and bustle on Parramatta Road. No matter what time of the day it was, there was always a queue of people waiting outside their community board. 

Revolver Cafe

Big Breakfast - $18

Lamb Bruschetta - $18

I always try not to order the breakfast pan whenever I go out for brunch because knowing myself, every time I go out for brunch I somehow end up ordering the breakfast pan at the very last minute. Food being cooked and served in a pan is just something I never seem to get sick of. Plus, I like it when my photos look a lot more hipster and all that jazz. Am I the only one with this odd obsession or have I just confessed something I shouldn't have? 

Both the big breakfast and lamb bruschetta were good but sadly, they didn't meet my expectations of it being heavenly, amazing, gobsmacking. etc etc. This could of quite possibly been because the place has been so hyped up for all these years. The lamb that was slow roasted with garlic for 9 hours was unfortunately also a bit dry and I felt that for $18, it could of came with two pieces of bruschetta (even if the two pieces were slightly smaller).

In saying that though, the table next to us ordered the ultimate cheeseburger and that my friends, is what I should of ordered. I think I need to come back and get my hands on their cheeseburger to see if does taste as ultimate as it looked.

Chicken wings with chilli sauce - $10

Another place which I have also been wanting to check out is Ribs and Burgers ever since they opened their doors at Rhodes. I love my meat, especially when there a good rack of ribs. With some lovely company, we ordered a set of chicken wings smeared with chilli sauce. All it for us was one bite into that chilli wing and we all went, whooahhh dam gurl, that's hot. I loved the heat, so much that I even mixed into a bowl of coleslaw. Moral of the story is that if you love your chilli, then it is a must get. If not, then you'd better go a bit soft and get it in the BBQ seasoning because you really don't want your mouth to be on fire. 

Dagwood burger - $16

Mexican burger - $14

When Vxdolface and I were looking at the menu, we could not go past the Dagwood burger - bacon and egg in a burger? Yes prease! The burger looked as epic as it read on the menu but sadly, there was a bit too much going on in that burger and surprisingly, the Mexican turned out to be both our favourites. The salsa, melted American cheese along with the crispiness of the lettuce gave it such a good balance. Less can sometimes be more. 

Full rack of pork ribs - $29

Finally, it was time to check out their ribs. The question of the night was "where the ribs better than Hurricanes'"? The ribs at Ribs and Burgers were still good but I found that the meat was slightly dry and I would of loved if it was covered in more sauce like Hurricanes. Although in saying that, these ribs were only $29 whilst the ones at Hurricanes have now sky rotted to over $50. I personally prefer the ones at Hurricanes more but that all depends on how much is in my wallet that day. 

Left: Green boy
Right: Piña colada 

A place which I have discovered recently is the Cliff Dive in Darlinghurst which has a full on tiki fit out. Even as you walk downstairs to the bar, you feel like you are walking through a maze, one set of stairs after every turn whilst being surrounded in all these tiki decorations.  

Decor of the Cliff Dive 

Skewers with pandan and coconut rice - $15

The Cliff Dive has been around for a while now but their skewers section was only brought out recently. Some skewers were marinated in their own "home made" sauce while others were marinated in chilli oil for 6 to 8 hours. Each skewer is approximately $3 each which is a bit steep especially as some of they weren't all the same size. Despite being different sizes, they all tasted just as god as each other. My favourites were the chicken lemongrass and the marinated tofu skewers as they were packed with loads of strong flavours. 

A lot of the Cliff Dive's cocktails were served in really tiki styled mugs and some of you guys may know that I have a weakness for things that are served in an interesting cup, mug, plate, bowl, board or whatever it may be. Their cocktails were delicious (and a bit strong for me but hey I am not complaining) but the smart thing is that they use all parts of their ingredients. For example, they use the actual pineapple in their piña colada while the pineapple meat is pureed and used in a different drink which I thought was pretty cool. The Cliff Dive also make some of their own spirits themselves which is used in a lot of their drinks making it more unique and me coming back for more drinkies in their funky mugs. 


Finally, last but not least, it is time for the giveaway! With thanks to Menulog, I am giving away two vouchers to use on Menulog. For those that haven't heard of Menulog before, they are basically an online takeaway platform where you select the suburb that you want the food delivered to, pick a restaurant and meal and enter in your delivery and payment details. It is one of the life saving websites for those late nights in the office.
Takeaway in Sydney

For those that are a Sydneysider like me, this is the link for delivery restaurants in our hood.
Some Sydney favourites on Menulog

To win one of the vouchers, all you need to do is to either retweet this month's catch up link on Twitter or link or share this post on Facebook so I know that you have entered into the competition. It is honestly that easy.

Terms and Conditions of the giveaway:

  • Each voucher has a credit of $20 which includes delivery
  • Voucher expires 1 month from the time the winner is selected
  • Voucher is only valid for one use only
  • Competition closes at 9 pm AEST next Sunday the 10th of August 2014. 

Good luck everybody!

Revolver on UrbanspoonRibs & Burgers on Urbanspoon The Cliff Dive on Urbanspoon

Gotta go eat!

Food is our religion dined as a guest of the Cliff Dive with complements to Hill and Knowlton Strategies.


  1. oh man, how good do those burgers look??! and I loved the tiki cocktails at The Cliff Dive!

  2. You have to try the Monkey Hat at Cliff Dive. lol! So much tasty!

  3. Oh wow, now I can't choose! Perhaps a bit of this and that, particularly those that you think you should have ordered? :D Thanks for all the reviews!

    Gourmet Getaways

  4. Have Shared on Facebook. Those photos have made me hungry :)

  5. Shame about the Daggwood burger but it does look epic! And I like their ribs too!

  6. been hearing lots about the cliff dive lately. might suggest it next time when friends want to do bar hopping

  7. I love Ribs & Burgers! I've tried the ribs at both Rhodes and Neutral Bay and I reckon they taste better at Neutral Bay - they're just more saucy. My fallback order is the cheeseburger, you can never really go wrong with that!