Sunday, August 24, 2014

West coast, USA - Part 2

So as mentioned last week, I flew over to the West Coast after travelling around the East Coast to conclude my trip to the States. One of the cities I have been dying to check out is San Francisco. I have heard so, so, sooooo many great things about that city and I honestly could not wait to check it myself. First stop was the Golden Gate Bridge and of course, the entire Bay Area was covered by the famous fog. 

The Golden Gate Bridge

Personally, I didn't mind the fog as I think it is one of those things that makes San Fran so famous. In my opinion, i think the fog makes the bridge even more stunning. If I could pick up my things and relocate, San Fran would definitely be one of the cities I would live in. One of my favourite moments out of the entire trip was actually just leaning over the fence in silence whilst watching the fog dance around the bridge as time swept by. Absolutely blissful. 

Lombard Street

"Painted ladies"

Street Art in San Fran

Transamerica Pyramid

Seal Pier 39 - yes this is their own sun baking parlour

One of the other things I love about San Fran is that every few blocks look so different to each other. You could be walking down one street surrounded by Victorian architecture buildings and the next minute you could into another street filled with stunning graffiti artwork. However no matter where you turn, the entire city has this really cool chilled out vibe. 

Margherita pasta

Crab Melt 

Another area which I found in San Fran was "little Italy". You know you are little Italy straight away when you start seeing light poles that are marked with an Italian flag. It was such a cute little area. I couldn't go past the crab sandwich from Calzone's. It was only US$18 plus tip and it was not only the best crab sandwich I have ever had but also the cheapest. 

My short in San Fran was way too short but I know for sure that I will definitely be back and to get more of that crab melt. Next stop Vegas baby! 

On the way to Vegas - Calico Ghost Town

Stopped by for some old school candy at the Ghost Town

Night lights at Las Vegas

The old Las Vegas

After a couple of pit stops, I finally arrived in Vegas or more commonly known as Sin City. Vegas was exactly what I imagined it to be - the city was alive at night with music pumping out at every street corner and neon lights at every direction you turn. As I was there for a couple of nights, I managed to visit to the old Las Vegas as well. Personally, as much as I loved the hustle and bustle which the new Las Vegas had to offer, I actually preferred the old school Vegas. It was almost like taking a step back in time because of how "old school" it was. There was something about it that just make it so much more special. 

The Grand Canyon

Eat ALL the food at any buffets in Vegas

Eat ALL the desserts at any buffets in Vegas

Two of my most breathtaking moments in Vegas was 1. their buffets and 2. the Grand Canyon. 

I have heard so many things about the buffets in Vegas and man, they sure delivered. The amount food and choices available at these buffets is insane. I wasn't leaving until I tried everything. I forgot how many rounds I did but I just remembering leaving the buffet and heading straight up to my hotel room where I then passed out in a food coma. 

The Grand Canyon was insane. It took five years to get there but it was hell worth it. You could literally sit on the edge of the Canyon and dangle your feet while looking down. One of the most epic things I have seen. 

Herro Mickey

BBQ meat platter 

Herro Disney

Last but not least was a trip to Universal Studios and good old Disneyland. I have to say, their BBQ meat platters at such touristy locations are still dam mind blowing. The beef brisket and ribs were super juicy and tender. I haven't been to Texas to compare but dam, the States sure know how to make good BBQ meat platters.  

Laters USA - I'll definitely be back

So peeps, I hope you have enjoyed browsing through all my USA and Canada posts as much as I have enjoyed eating, drinking, shopping and flying from city to city. 

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. oh man im dying to go to vegas and attack the buffets!

  2. i remember getting super excited about driving down Lombard Street. so wanna go back to San Fran!

  3. Looks like your having a blast! Pictures are awesome. That buffet looks amazing!!!

  4. Absolutely love San Fran. I agree - it would be near the top of my list of cities to move to other than Sydney.

  5. I won't mind that fog, either! The FUN looks all worth it!

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  6. am so envious, cant wait to hit up the USA myself!

  7. I love San Fran! Food, ppl and architecture was amaze. I attacked all the buffets at Vegas too. Suzi bumped into me while I was was queueing up to get into a buffet in Vegas lol

  8. San Fran!! Totally agree with what you said, although I have not been to witness such beauty myself! :)
    Looks like you had a great time! :)

  9. lol at all your buffet pics! And that ghost town looks just like the spaghetti westerns!

  10. Dear Shanshan,

    Yay to that chunk of red meat and a bucket of fried chicken! You took some beautiful pics of Vegas and I love the misty shot of the Golden Gate.

  11. The buffet feast looks epic! And this city is super beautiful. Another one to my bucket list! :)

  12. Gorgeous pics!!!! I absolutely love that pumpkin carved Mickey Mouse :)