Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rum Diaries, Bondi

So this restaurant has been on my "to-eat" list for years now and finally, the day had come for me to cross it off my list. Rum Diaries is a small bar / restaurant located on Bondi Road that can often be easily missed. As soon as you walk through their doors, you can sense how warm and cosy the place is from their decor and dim setting. An absolute hidden gem. 

Cool menu's at the Rum Diaries

And of course, you can't visit a restaurant that specialises in rum without trying one or two or several of their drinks. 

Drink ALL the rum

I absolutely fell in love with their mulled wine. I haven't had many to compare but in general, it was definitely one of the best drinks I have had in a while. It was slightly sweet, citrusy and yet you could still taste the spices that were infused in it. I mean we all know that a glass of alcohol is the solution to all but this just takes happiness to an extra level. 

caramelised bacon popcorn - $6 

When I saw the words bacon and popcorn, my mind was like uhhhh hello. Yes, me, I am right here. It smelt so good from the moment the waiter placed the mountain of popcorn on the table. Slightly sticky and cheesy. The mini bits of bacon also help added some crunch to it. The flavour of the bacon wasn't very strong and it isn't a dish for everyone but hey thats cool because it means for you and I. 

Wild mushroom tartlet - $15

If you heart mushrooms as much as I do then you will love this dish. There were loads of different types of mushroom that were stacked onto the round piece of pastry. The pastry was flaky and crispy which worked well with the soft texture of all those mushrooms. I could happily have this any day, any time. 

Glazed pork belly, honey and mustard - $16

Another dish I couldn't leave without trying was the pork belly. When it came out, I noticed that the skin wasn't your typical crunchy crackling but instead it was quite soft and glossy. The portion was small especially for its price but it was so freaking good. The pork was immensely tender and together with the sweet and salty skin, the entire thing just melted right in your mouth. Not a word was spoken during this moment. 

Southern rock lobster risotto - $26

The last savoury dish was the lobster risotto and dayum, you could smell this dish form afar. It was so fragrant. The cheese net was filled with a lobster foam which was something different and interesting. The risotto really creamy - a bit too creamy and heavy for me but the rice itself was cooked well. I also thought that the fragrance of the lobster smelt stronger than it actually tasted. 

Chocolate delice, peanut butter ice cream and cherry gel - $14

Finally, last but not least was the dessert. The chocolate delice was rich but even more rich with the peanut butter ice cream. It is definitely a dessert you would share but absolutely one you should order. The cherry gel was a great palate cleanser and the roasted rice added a fun element of crunch. 

Overall, I thought that the menu had an interesting range of dishes on their menu. I can't wait to come back to try out their other items and of course, for a couple more glasses of their mulled wine.

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. that dessert looks exquisite! keen to try the southern rock lobster risotto too

  2. Dear Shanshan,

    The pork belly and lobster risotto look so good and prices seem so honest too.

  3. Bacon popcorn! Well, it's probably a huge gimmick but it definitely works in drawing my attention!

  4. I'll be happy to order the popcorn, pork belly and the chocolate delice. Will think about sharing it though...kidding :)!!!

    ~Do drop by and say hello :)
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  5. Ooh I haven't had mulled wine before. You've definitely sold it well saying how delicious it is!