Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bowery Lane, Sydney and giveaway

So you might have seen burgers, lamb ribs, sliders and ginormous sharing plates all over your instagram feed lately, THAT my friends is Bowery Lane, one of the coolest restaurant on the block right now. The place has a diverse menu so choosing what you want really becomes a first world problem. Like I mean how can you honestly decide between the classic cheeseburger vs the hearty lamb ribs!! 

Char grilled lamb ribs - $14

And speaking of lamb ribs, this baby was definitely the signature dish. The soft and tender meat fell off the bone so easily. On top of that, there was a generous serve of the chimichurri which added even more flavour to these succulent ribs. 

Tuna sliders 

Tuna sliders - $16 

These sliders were one of the biggest I had in a while. Within each slider contained a thick slab of seared tuna and was really refreshing as you bit into it with the pickled cucumber and guacamole. I loved these sliders because I am a huge fan of "raw" seafood but for those that aren't big on sashimi or semi raw seafood, this might not be your type of dish. However since there are many different types of sliders, you should be able to find one up your alley. 

Milkshakes - including cookies and cream + reese's buttercup - $7 each

Manchego croquettes - $14

The manchego croquettes are made of potato and manchego cheese. These croquettes were super duper fluffy and I loved the kick in the smoked chilli aioli. It was definitely a lot more unique than most other croquettes I've had. 

House smoked hickory salmon - $17

So my ultimate favourite dish of the night had got to be the house smoked hickory salmon. I love my salmon regardless of how it is made however I normally find that smoked salmon, especially the ones purchased at a supermarket, have such a strong and overpowering smokey flavour. Sometimes it is so strong that it becomes too intense for me. That was until I tried the smoked salmon at Bowery Lane. Yes it is slightly pricey for three pieces of salmon but it was smoked so well and by well, I mean it was lightly smoked but it wasn't so faint to the point where you couldn't taste anything. 

As soon as you take the first bite, the salmon just melts in your mouth, the coriander adds a refreshing touch to it and the thin crispy biscuit also helps give it some texture. If you love your salmon, then I highly recommend this dish. 

Master Kobe Wagyu - $16

Another winning dish was the master kobe wagyu which had a marble scoring of 9+. How the heck do I even start to describe this dish? Gobsmacking is an understatement. This was one of the best wagyu dishes I have had in a very long time. Each bite just melts in your mouth because of how tender and succulent it is and cooked to perfection (medium rare). Words cannot describe how amazing this dish was, you just have to try it yourself. 

Tempura soft shell crab burger - $22

This tempura soft shell crab burger is almost impossible to fit it in your mouth all at once. That is how epic it is. Who doesn't love tempura soft shell crab? The bread was a tad dry but the coriander and slaw helped balance out the heaviness of the crab. Served with some miso mayo, it definitely is more than just your average burger.  not your average burger. 

Whole BBQ organic chicken - $52

1 kg of braised wagyu short rib - $58

One of the things I enjoy about Bowery Lane is the menu variety but I am not just talking about variety in terms of different meats and entree's. It is more about how you can go and have your own dish but at the same time, you can go in a group and order these huge sharing plate and by huge, I mean like 1 KG worth of meat... Perfect place to feed a group of hungry boys. 

Both the wagyu short rib and BBQ chicken were great but surprisingly, the chicken was my preferred choice of meat. I know chicken is such a stock standard type of meat but man! the way it was bbq-ed and cooked was really well. Not at all dry and had loads of flavour. Definitely an unexpected great dish. 

Barramundi fillet - $29

Left: Pork cotoletta - $27
Top right: Duck ragyu - $26
Bottom right: Pork crackling 

Last but not least are the individual main dishes. Overall, they were pretty good but I thought it could of done with a touch of seasoning or salt. The barramundi was soft and tender with a crispy skin, the pork cotoletta aka a giant schnitzel couldn't of gotten any bigger and wasn't very oil and finally, the duck ragu was cooked to al dente. 

Annnnndddddddd as part of my 5 year anno giveaway, I will be giving away a $100 voucher to Bowery Lane, with thanks to Wasamedia. To enter, simply just let me know below what you would love to try or have again at Bowery Lane. Competition closes at 9 pm AEST on the 21st of December 2014.  

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Good luck y'all and gotta go eat!!


  1. Those tuna sliders look awesome! I love it when it's half-cooked so they are definitely up my...Lane.


  2. Been dreaming about that tempura soft shell crab burger all week. True story!

  3. the croquettes sound pretty damn delicious!

  4. The lamb ribs here are addictive! I really like their cheeseburger too even if it has salad lol

  5. The house smoked hickory salmon looks amazing - I'm such a fan of cured meats/fish

  6. I haven't had a chance to visit them yet!! I'd love to have that 1kg Braised Wagyu Short Rib... I'm not a group of hungry boys, so I'll have to share it (Happiness best when shared, right??)
    Happy 5yr anniversary :-)

  7. My wife and I would love to try that short rib, it looks amazing. Cheers on 5 years and on your engagement, Laurence and Kat

  8. Dear Shanshan,

    I have been wanting to come here but they don't open weekends. I would love to try the ribs and that hefty 1kg piece of short rib!

  9. oooooh, Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder sounds so delicious, with some sides of burnt carrot and baby cos. I can see $100 going along way there with their delicious share options

  10. I have been following your blog for a while! I love the pictures you have got up! especially the braised wagyu short rib!! yum :)

  11. All those instagram photos of the feasts at Bowery Lane have been making me hungry! I'm liking the sound of those milkshakes... and the sliders... and the salmon... and the beef!

  12. Long term cook, first time food admirer. This food looks mouth-watering to the tee, i cannot wait to sink my teeth into both the Tempura soft shell crab burger and Whole BBQ organic chicken. Why must there be so many exquisite options to choose from :D

    1. Hi Faye, Congratulations! You are the winner to the $100 Bowery lane giveaway! Could you please forward me your email to

  13. Wow these photos are AMAZING! I'm going to eat here tonight actually with my friends! I can't wait to try the lamb ribs! <3