Shanshan Lam

Food is our Religion is written by Shanshan Lam. 
A busy accountant born on 19.04.89 that tries to balance her numbers with her food.
Shanshan Lam is always up for trying new things and loves to eat, drink, shop and travel till her heart is content. 

Location: Sydney, Australia

Contact: foodisourreligion@gmail.com 
Twitter: food_religion

Favourite dishes: EVERYTHING!

Favourite restaurants: Too many to mention.
Favourite Food Blog: See 'Foodie Favourites' for my list and recommendations.

Food is where I find my most happiest moments. Even at my gloomiest times; good food will always bring joy to my heart.  If you truly believe in good food then you will know it is not always about the class of the restaurant or the cost of the meal.

I hope my blog will open up insights to your diets and whet your appetite (as much as it has whetted mine).

A toast to all good food and fellow Foodies - Food is our Religion. 

Gotta go eat!